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Lets move the focus away from participants and shine a light on you guys.What does "being the best you can be" actually mean? We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to become the best both inside and outside the studio.

With January just around the corner we will no doubt be welcoming lots of new class members into the group exercise studio; experiencing the "New Year" effect. Many new and existing class and club members will be making a more concerted effort as they act on their new year resolutions, determined to " get fit this year" and other self-improvement goals. Let’s face it – we’ve all been there.

We know people exercise and work out to achieve results. However, there are lots of contributing factors that determine this. Motivation is a key influencer and one which can ultimately determine their success. And YOU can be a key and hugely important motivator that makes a difference in them succeeding and sticking to their new year resolutions.

However, our participants aren’t the focus here; we want to look at you. Just as our participants need motivating to be their best, who motivates you to be your best? What does "being the best you can be" actually mean?

We need to set big goals. We need to push ourselves outside our comfort zones – and we all know about that right? You’ll never change your current levels of fitness / body if you don’t up your training and make a positive change, which pushes you and challenges you. The same should be applied to your professional career development as a Les Mills Instructor. Nothing life-changing was ever really achieved without stepping up your game and making a change.

Change has to come from within and behaviour change isn't easy - it takes commitment to achieve action. Ask yourself:

  • What did I last change in my world to strive for becoming the best I can be?
  • When did you last ask for 'honest' feedback and actually accepted it without excuse? Have you worked on the feedback?
  • When did you last self-evaluate using video or peer review? What have you done about it?
  • How many new people have you actively gone out and recruited to your class? How many can you get this week?
  • How much of the quarterly education and detail in the right hand page of the choreography notes have you actively applied and/or reviewed
  • What ‘fitness magic’ could you add into the next class you teach?
  • What's your participant’s technique actually like and what have you done to change it?
  • Do you always apply the specific track focus when teaching old release tracks? Did you achieve the track focus in every track?
  • Could you do more to be a world-class inspiring role-model?Are you as fit as you could be for the programme(s) you teach?
  • What do you need to do?
  • Are you always fully prepared for launch with an understanding of the unique details of each new release or do you simply want to be the first to teach it and so only learn the basic choreography?
  • What can you learn from fellow instructors that would make you better? How can you apply it in practice?
  • Do you know all your participant’s names? What two new names can you learn in your next class?
  • How many people did you actually coach in your last class as opposed to just reeling off "stock" cues? How many people can you make a genuine difference to there and then, in your next class?
  • How many of your participants have made actual change? How many more could if you did something different? What would it be?

Long list hey, and one which we could keep going, with hundreds of similar questions. It’s not necessarily about the content of these specific questions it’s more to get you thinking what you are proactively doing in the pursuit of excellence.

A top tip Dave Kyle, LMUK’s head trainer always gives on training courses and something he firmly believes in is: "The minute you think you've made it and can't learn anything more, is the time you should give up - you'll only end up eroding your own reputation, reducing others perception of you as an instructor and more importantly will start to compromise your class participant’s experience. When we stop developing, because the rest of the world is moving forward, we actually end up moving backwards"

Here at Les Mills we want to help you. We want to provide you with support to answer some of those questions and help you become the best you can be and that’s why we developed Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) training. Relax – we aren’t here to do a sales pitch to you on AIM but instead, we want to try and highlight what’s involved to offer a little more context / transparency around the training.

We look at each programme in detail and the extensive thought / essence behind achieving specific results that can be achieved.

With all the questions above and fact that different individuals require different ways of being motivated how do you "create change faster" and impact every single person in every single class to maximum effect? It’s one of the key questions we spend time working with trainers/presenters on and have done since we launched Les Mills programmes in the UK. Some concepts and tools that we work on with trainers and which we've now incorporated into AIM are:

  • teaching to very specific objectives
  • teaching to what we see vs what we automatically say
  • advanced coaching skills
  • consideration of personality types and how that changes how we should coach
  • self-awareness of our own teaching style and personality
  • being truly authentic & creating a memorable experience every class

The more we understand the programmes, the uniqueness of the new release and constantly evaluate ourselves honestly with intention to become better - the better we become and the closer we get to actually making a difference, both in our world and ultimately as a collective, the global world.

So the question is…How will you become the best you can be this year?

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