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Festival Season: It's Survival of the fittest

Posted in Newsfeed

With Glastonbury just days away we bet your social feeds are slammed with excited festival goers, flower garlands at the ready. If you’re like us, you’ll be feeling pretty positive about the impending six days of chaos – after all, you are fit for festivals.

You do work out for a reason. To stay on top of your A game. Surviving the potentially treacherous conditions of a festival is nothing. Plus, if you missed the memo about the whole flower garland thing don’t panic there’s a Snapchat filter for that. Anyway, here’s why you know you’re set for festival season…

  • You work out for a reason. You’re fit and you’ve got stamina. Dancing well into the early hours of the morning is no issue for you. It’s why you do SH’BAM for god’s sake.
  • A porta loo is NOT your worst enemy, you can avoid that toilet seat without even breaking into a sweat. Come on…You work out, you’ve got thighs of steel! You see it as a challenge holding that squat. But beware. You might be able to escape touching that dreaded toilet seat but your tassel waistcoat is still at risk.
  • Getting people on your shoulders is a breeze. Lifting people is like your festival version of a clean and press. You’re pretty strong ready in set position. You don’t fear getting crushed when that one guy decides crowd surfing is a GREAT idea and subsequently ends up face down on the floor. You win.
  • You have mad skills when it comes to beating the crowds and getting the prime spot in the front row for your favourite artist. I mean you’ve been to so many #LesMillsLives that beating the crowds to the front is in your skill set. Plus, at least your only obstacle is drunk people not SMART TECH.
  • Going to sleep with the sound of heavy beats in your ears is pretty normal. You spend your live with headphones in learning the latest release. Music is a constant.
  • You’re not too phased by getting wet in the rain. You’re used to getting your sweat on. Seriously, same same? Reebok is quick dry anyway and naturally you’ll be wearing full Reebok get up. Reebok co-ord anyone?
  • You’re all about the healing fields. Sunday morning yoga is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your epic performance the night before. When you hear Fix You by Coldplay you’ll think back to BODYBALANCE release 34 – wasn’t that a goodie?
  • On Sunday night when everyone’s flagging post emotional Coldplay performance at Pyramid Stage (queue the tears) you’re still feeling like a hero. You’re like a Duracell bunny. Your night has just begun. You’re practically running to Shangri La feeling oh so smug that there is still life in you while your friends are pretty soulless.

Happy festival people! Survival of the fittest.

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