Overheard at Les Mills UK

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We had a little spy on the team at Les Mills UK. They're getting in the festive spirit but with a Les Mills twist apparently...Here's a few things we heard in 24 hours at the Les Mills office...

  • “Is it weird that I’m more excited for BODYPUMP100 than Christmas….?”
  • “Is it acceptable to wear the Les Mills Reebok range at Christmas dinner? So much room for Turkey.”
  • “I accidentally ate 5 mince pies earlier, how many BODYPUMP workouts do I need to do to burn that off?”
  • Witnessed. Rage after anonymous member of the Instructor Experience team receives a chocolate Advent Calendar from their Mum. Apparently, in a bid to sabotage their festive fitness goals…paranoid much?
  • Excitement spreads across the office as Les Mills BODYATTACK goes On Demand = Christmas morning workouts for all the fam.
  • Bets on, who will do the best slut drop at the Christmas party. Tim Meadows or Phil Harrison? Odds 10 to 1.
  • “If I don’t get any Reebok in my stocking this year then I’ll be 100% done with Santa.”

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