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In the UK alone, Les Mills group exercise classes are taught in over 2,200 locations by 10,000 instructors, which equates to in the region of nearly 1 million live Les Mills work outs a week!! Wow – that’s a lot of calorie burn right there! Here we find out what a day in the life of Dave Kyle, Les Mills Head Trainer no less looks like.

If we asked you what you think it would entail your mind would go into overdrive conjuring up images of working out for hours a day, complemented with high protein meals and shakes. To be honest you wouldn’t be THAT far from the truth (these guys do tend to dabble in some steak for breakfast after all!) So you’re forgiven for making the assumption; but trust us there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to ensure Les Mills training and the Les Mills ‘experience’ is of the highest standard. How else do you think they continue to deliver the very best group exercise classes every single day?

Here’s all you need to know from the man behind the Les Mills magic, Head Trainer Dave Kyle…

5:30am…Wake up and start the day with a breakfast of porridge to get the fuel he needs to start the day in the right way; teaching a Les Mills BODYPUMP class obviously! All before a pretty hectic day in the Les Mills UK office.

8:30am…Head to the office for calls and catch ups with the Trainer Team after a weekend of delivering training to Les Mills instructors up and down the UK and generally just catching up on the world’s happenings. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the fresh faces from the weekend and keep up to date with the growing instructor base. All while he enjoys a snaffle of eggs and a black coffee.

1:00am…Catch up with the Russian team. Dave is working closely with the team in Russia to build and strengthen the Trainer Team, which in turn will have a positive impact on local instructors too! He’ll actually be heading out to Russia next month to check out the guys in action. Although it wasn’t that long since Dave saw the team as they recently flew over for Les Mills ONE LIVE - an off the scale global fitness festival which ended its UK tour in Manchester. A couple thousand people working out together - it all sounds pretty epic!

12:30pm…Lunch…something high in protein, naturally.

1:15pm…Depending on how busy Dave is (this guy never stops) he might deliver a live Les Mills workout for the guys who work in the office. That’s the dream right…a studio in your office!

2.30pm – Dave then spends some time content planning with the Marketing team and responding to journalist and doing Q&A’s.

5:00pm…If he’s not weight training after work you can find him doing some cheeky BODYBALANCE. Dave does at least one class a week either at a club or at home on Les Mills On Demand (LMOD) to aid better recovery, performance and long-term well being. He can’t stress the importance of recovery enough!

7.15pm – Dinner. Naturally, protein, lots of protein.

8:00pm…Jump on a call with New Zealand. At the moment a key focus for Dave is quality and Initial instructor training is just the beginning. They don’t just leave you in the lurch – there’s a whole journey that Les Mills takes you on. Advanced Instructor Training (AIM) focuses on developing you as a Les Mills instructor to make sure constantly improve your skills. Coaching, technique and connection to your class they’ve got it covered! It’s all starting to make sense why these instructors really are top notch.

9.00pm - Unwind and chill trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle is the key so Dave makes sure he spends quality time with friends and playing some classics on his guitar…Oasis Wonder wall seems to be an all time fav!

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