The fitness event of the year

Hosting an Unstoppable event will help you reconnect with your members, celebrate the return of live fitness and fill your classes.

Join thousands of other Instructors and facilities from around the world to launch their own live and online Q3 release workouts from September. This hub has everything you need to plan, promote and run events in your club or online.


Use these simple tools to deliver amazing events throughout October.

wall videos

Create motivational and memorial experiences by playing these videos during your class.


Encourage your gym to promote the event through customizable
assets available on their Les Mills Marketing Studio account.



Event Fast Facts

What is Unstoppable?

Unstoppable is a global movement to celebrate the return of live fitness and the unwavering strength of our community. Following the success of World United, the milestone activation is back for its second year and designed to help you fill classes.

For the month of October and armed with new Unstoppable-themed (Q3) releases, thousands of fitness facility and Instructors worldwide will call on their members to join a series of live and online fitness events of EPIC proportions. From BODYPUMP™ to LES MILLS GRIT™, members will experience the latest version of their favorite Les Mills workouts in Unstoppable style.

Who can host an Unstoppable event?

Any licensed facility can host a launch event with their certified Les Mills Instructors for their fitness community.

Why should I run an Unstoppable-themed event?

Lockdown highlighted the importance of connection amongst the fitness community, and we’re a big believer in events to facilitate this. We’ve seen first-hand how these launches encourage member participation and drive new member sign-ups.

When should I run Unstoppable-themed events?

This is an all-inclusive global fitness celebration for the month of October. We encourage you to host your own Unstoppable event on a date in October that suits you and your members. You can run as many events as you like!

What support will my fitness facility and Instructors receive?

We want to ensure that the launch is successful and personalized to your community. A collection of ready-to-use and customizable resources are available for your planning and promotions.

When should I start promoting my event?

Approximately six weeks before your event date. We will soon be sharing an event guide for a suggested timeline on how to plan and promote your event.

How should I promote it?

It’s now time to get your community excited! Let them know that you’re hosting an Unstoppable event alongside thousands of fitness facilities and Instructors worldwide. Use the save the date video included on this page to drum up hype for your event using the hashtag #LESMILLSUNSTOPPABLE

Make sure to include the date and details on how that your members can get involved. Allowing your community to come for free and bring a friend is also a great way to build hype around the event.

I’m a Les Mills certified Instructor. Can I host my own event?

Just as with our quarterly release launches, Unstoppable events must be hosted by a licensed facility. This includes live and livestream classes.

Where should I host my event?

Host a live event inside or outside at your facility, or via your fitness facility’s online platform for your members who might want to work out from home (please see below for more information on livestreaming).

How can I run an event if my facility is closed?

Not to worry! We’re supporting our fitness facilities and Instructors to also run online fitness classes via our global livestreaming solution. Please see below for more information and guidance.

Livestream Fast Facts

What is livestreaming?

Livestreaming allows you to host digital Les Mills group workouts in real time for members at home. Livestream workouts are a great alternative for your community to stay fit and connected to you or your facility when away from live classes in your Licensed Facility.

Who can teach livestream Les Mills classes?

The rules around a livestream class are the same as for a live class. It is required to be taught by an active, certified Instructor in that specific Les Mills program on behalf of a licensed facility for that Les Mills program. Unlike the live class, you do not need to be inside the facility, but you do need to livestream through the facilities closed digital platform.

Do I need to get the livestream music license for Unstoppable-themed fitness classes?

Each licensed facility is responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses to live stream fitness classes in their country. You should get in touch with the relevant Performing Rights Organization (PRO) that represents the songwriters/publishers in your country (or other relevant organizations) to find out about the licenses required.

How do I know if I need to use cover music for my livestream?

Cover Music is made available to all instructors/licensed facilities for live streaming. Les Mills cannot authorize the use of Original Artist Recordings in livestreaming. In some countries Local Performing Rights Organization for sound recording rights may be able to provide licenses to fitness facilities to use Original Artist Recordings and you will need to make your own enquiries to find out if this is possible in your country.

Les Mills cover versions of the original music will be available for the Q3 2021 releases of BODYATTACK™, BODYCOMBAT™, BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW®, BODYPUMP™, BODYSTEP/LMISTEP®, LES MILLS GRIT™, RPM™, LES MILLS CORE™, SH’BAM™ AND LES MILLS SPRINT™.

Why do we need to get additional music licenses?

Licensed Facilities will have a licence from their Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to play the music in a live/virtual class in their location. However, additional licensing is required for the online activity of livestreaming - you can find out more about the requirements that apply to you from your local PRO (or other relevant organizations).

How do I access my fitness facility’s online platform?

Speak to your fitness facility directly about livestreaming and using their platform. They will need to set you up through a closed platform e.g. Zoom or a closed social media group with invite-only, rather than something open e.g. YouTube.

How do I set up a livestream?

Choose a platform that works best for your facility. We recommend securing a Zoom subscription (PRO plan) as many facilities, Instructors, and participants are familiar with this platform.

Make sure to adhere to the terms of use for your chosen platform, and check for video quality by testing your livestream beforehand. Before your event, run a broadband test to check your internet speed and test the link to ensure your members can access the page.

Download the Les Mills livestream guide for more guidance on setting up.

What location should I livestream from?

Deciding where you livestream is completely up to you! It can be at the fitness facility, at home or outside.

Does my current certification allow me to livestream, or is there any additional education requirement?

Similar to teaching a live workout, you can livestream on behalf of a licensed fitness facility for programs you are actively certified as an Instructor. There is no additional education requirement.

Q3 Autoship Fast Facts

Can I still skip Q3 if my facility has reopened?

You should be teaching the most current release if you are offering a Les Mills program to your members. Skipping a release is only designed for those who are not actively teaching the program.

My autoship subscription is currently on hold, can I particate in this event?

You should be teaching the most current release if you are offering a Les Mills program to your members. You are welcome to come off hold early to receive this release and participate in the event.

Can I still purchase the Q3 release with no active affiliation?

Yes, you can still purchase this release. We understand that many Instructors have been furloughed, laid off or simply unable to teach at this time. We’re committed to supporting our Instructors to get back to teaching and find work. For help finding a new fitness facility, check out the question below on how to find hiring facilities.

My fitness facility usually buys my release, can I purchase on my own?

Yes, you can still purchase Les Mills releases if your facility is not doing this on your behalf. Just make sure to update your billing information before the autoship run date. If you do not get your billing information updated, you can still purchase the release through the releases store.

Will I be billed if my fitness facility typically buys releases on my behalf, but has chosen to skip Q3?

Yes, you will receive the Q3 release and will be charged if your billing information is up to date. If you are not actively teaching and would prefer not to receive the Q3, make sure you put your certification on hold. This can be done in the instructor portal or by contacting us.

Can I purchase the release at a later date?

Absolutely, it will be available in the releases store for purchase after autoship. Each release stays available for two years.

Why are some countries offering to skip a release?

Each country is at a different stage of reopening post Covid-19. We want to offer instructors as much flexibility if their country is still in lockdown, while encouraging those who are open to purchase the latest release and welcome members back.

We hope you and your facility will be to be part of the Unstoppable event, but if you are not teaching you can still put your certification on hold until you reopen.

How do I find facilities in my area that are hiring?

Les Mills will be releasing a new online platform which connects Instructors to fitness facilities that are hiring. More details will be announced soon.