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Doctor’s prescriptions work. They provide people with a clear direction and compel them to take action. A clear exercise prescription can do just the same – and if you get it right it will really benefit your cycle studio success.

The quality of prescription at your point of sale is a critical component for the success of your cycling classes. When your membership team effectively prescribes cycling to new members, your attendance goes up very quickly.

You need to provide your membership team with two things to lift your game.

A clear definition of your programs

Here is an example of information that Les Mills partners receive:


  • RPM™ is an indoor cycling class, set to the rhythm of motivating music. The journey will take you through some flats, climbs and downhills allowing for a very solid cardio and leg workout. The instructor and the music will help you achieve much more than training by yourself

RPM is a great class for almost everyone. It comes in 30, 45 and 60 min formats and you control the intensity by playing with the resistance and pace. We offer RPM VIRTUAL classes when live classes are not running.  Many new members like starting group training this way so they get a feel before heading into a live class.


  • LES MILLS SPRINT™ is a 30-minute workout built on the science of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is designed to give maximum results to those already exercising regularly or looking for time-effective workouts. You will work harder than you ever did but research shows it is worth it! Replacing one hour of your usual workouts with two 30-minute HIIT classes a week will get you fitter and leaner faster.

Clarity on when and how your sales team should prescribe cycling

Best practise is to kick off your sales process with a basic needs analysis on new members before framing their prescription. For example:

  1.       Explain the generic guidelines for health when it comes to exercise.

"Ideally, you want to exercise three to five times a week for a minimum of 30-minutes at a moderate to high intensity. Mix three training components– cardiovascular, strength conditioning and flexibility. Cycling is a perfect one to start with. It provides you with a great cardio and leg workout, but it’s easy on your joints and doesn’t require coordination."


  1.       Provide a specific recommendation based on their needs analysis.

"We can make it easy. We have plenty of highly motivating and effective classes. Factoring in your specific goals and availability, I recommend a 45-min RPM on Monday at 12.15 p.m. because ……+ BODYPUMP™ on Wednesday at 12.15 pm because...+ a second RPM on Friday at 4.30 pm followed with 15 minutes of mobility/flexibility work on the gym floor…"


  1.       Ensure new exercisers know how to gradually build up the frequency, length and intensity of their workouts towards the prescribed plan over the first six weeks.For more information, click here


  1.       Educate them on what to do next – introducing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts


"When you start feeling comfortable doing these classes, don’t add more classes but introduce more intensity once or twice a week. Replace your Friday 45-min RPM with a LES MILLS SPRINT class - It only goes for 30 minutes but you will work hard, which will lead to greater results."


Michael Blick of Aqua Loft Fitness Club France says a dedicated focus on cycling grew their indoor cycling classes from 10 bikes to 40 bikes in a few years. 

“A part of the growth came from focusing more on cycling, allocating to it a dedicated room, investing in a great sound system, lighting, studio design and the training of our coaches. But I truly believe our real strength is in the systematic prescription of cycling to all our new and existing members.”

“Our coaches make sure new members are properly supported and manage the workout intensity as they should.”