The fastest 45 minutes of Jill Carter's life!

Jill Carter's first BODYVIVE 3.1 class went by so fast that she didn’t even look at the clock once. She had never been to a fitness class in her life – but soon she was going twice a week.*

I’d never been to a fitness class in my life. I'd never even considered it until a friend of mine mentioned BODYVIVE 3.1, and how great it had been for her fitness levels and overall wellbeing. She recommended that I try a class at the local gym with her, so reluctantly I gave it a go. 

Those first 45 minutes went by so fast that I didn't even look at the clock once. I loved the inspirational music, it totally made me want to push myself and I had fun at the same time - it was awesome when I heard some of the people around me singing along. The instructor was great too, that and the music made the flow of exercises seem so natural. 

‘‘ Endurance, fitness and strength - each class I noticed the intensity of my exercise was increasing. ’’

    -Jill Carter

Soon my sister-in-law and I were going twice a week. BODYVIVE 3.1 was very quickly helping my endurance, fitness and strength, and each time I went I noticed the intensity of my exercise was increasing. I feel so much stronger, and it’s really impacted my everyday life. 

I never thought I would go to a fitness class but now I know it is so important for my health and feel good factor. I now have the energy to keep up with my kids and the assurance that I will still be able to for years to come. I've recently had the amazing opportunity to travel to a number of places including San Francisco and China, and had the confidence and strength to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge, and walk on the Great Wall of China. I thank BODYVIVE 3.1 for giving me the ability to really lead my life to the full.