It is great to see clubs re-opening and members coming back through the doors. However, we appreciate that social distancing restrictions are making things harder and impacting facilities getting back up to full strength. We also know that fears of second waves or local lockdowns are causing uncertainty.

Therefore, we have invested in 3 extra partnership support options to enable you to broaden your timetable, reach more of your members and get your Instructors back to teaching.

These offers are only available for a limited time therefore to take advantage of any of these partnership options, contact us at and we'll be in touch.


With social distancing in place you may be finding it hard to run classes at full capacity. For 3 months you can now hold your current Les Mills programmes at an additional community venue (e.g. a community hall or school) in order to offer larger classes and broaden your timetable.


  • You need to have a partnership for these programmes in your main facility
  • The additional venue should feature as an extension of your timetable


Have you wanted to trial an additional Les Mills programme in your gym before? Now you can launch one additional programme to your partnership, at no additional cost, for 6 months.


  • Additional programme not currently within your partnership package
  • Classes can be live or live stream


Do you have additional facilities that don’t currently have a Les Mills partnership in place? You can now launch one Les Mills programme, at no cost, for 6 months in these facilities.


  • Classes can be live or live stream
  • No previous partnership at this facility within the last 6 months

For all partnership options, you must have a certified, active Instructor to teach these classes and must arrange all relevant public performance/communications licences, insurance, and health & safety procedures.

To take advantage of any of these partnership options, contact us at and we'll be in touch.


What type of venues can be used?

Examples of additional venues include community halls, schools, and sports fields. You must ensure the venues meet health and safety requirements, are Covid safe and you have permission from the owner. The additional venue cannot be a gym or club facility.

Can I teach in my local park as an additional venue?

Yes, you can teach in outside spaces, however, you will need to gain permission from your local council.

How far away can the additional venues be?

As this is designed for a club’s members it should be in an accessible place for the current member base.

Who can attend these classes at additional venues?

These are designed to support you, your Instructors and your members by providing more opportunities to hold classes. Therefore, they should only be open to your current membership.

What programmes are included in the programme extension option?

All programmes, excluding TRIP Immersive, can be included in this extension as long as it is not currently in your partnership package.

Is there a limit to how many programmes or classes I can offer at an offsite additional venue?

You can offer all of the Les Mills programmes currently in your partnership.

Can I take advantage of more than one option?

Yes, you can take advantage of 1 or 2 or all 3 options. If you have more than facility in your chain you can take advantage of all 3 of the options.

How long can I do this for?

The additional venue option is available for 3 months and the additional programme and facility options are available for 6 months.

Why is the additional venue option only 3 months and the other options 6 months?

The additional venue is to help during social distancing restrictions. We want to get people back to your club asap therefore this extension is available for 3 months at which point hopefully we will be able to get more people into your club.

What happens at the end of the period?

We will be in touch with you during the trial period to see how you’re getting on and what support you may want ongoing.

What about public performance rights?

You must arrange the relevant public performance/communications licensing with PPL / PRS.

What about risk assessments & insurance?

As per other venues you run, this will be your responsibility.

Do Instructors need to be certified in the programme to take advantage of these extensions?

Yes, all Instructors must be certified and active in the programmes they will teach.

Can Instructors charge for these classes?

No, these options are for your facilities' current members therefore you should pay the Instructor as normal to teach these classes.

Are any changes required to my club agreement with Les Mills?

Once you are in touch, we will send you the relevant paperwork.

Is Les Mills going to charge us extra on top of our partnership fees?

No, this is available within your partnership at no additional cost for the period specified.

Is livestreaming included?

Yes, livestreaming is included in these options. Click here for more details on Les Mills livestreaming ( )