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Check out the hottest clothing created by Reebok and Les Mills SHOP NOW


The new Spring/Summer 2015 range by Reebok and Les Mills will leave you looking sharp and feeling great on the gym or studio floor.

Inspired design, technology and unique fabrication come together to provide maximum support, ventilation and mobility; giving you the freedom to make the most of your workouts.

A key feature for this range is the new Cardio Ultra shoe, specifically designed for high-impact studio classes. It includes enhanced medial arch support and a wider base, so you get more ground contact, more mobility, and more cushioning where it counts.

Ramp up your passion for fitness with our favourite LES MILLS™ graphic tanks which can be worn across multiple programs. Made of soft and stretchy nylon and spandex, these motion-friendly garments are designed to bend, twist, and breathe as you sculpt, tone, and burn.






If you’re a LES MILLS instructor make sure you sign up for ReebokONE to unlock your exclusive instructor discount on all Reebok / Les Mills clothing.

Visit ReebokONE here.


Why did Les Mills partner with Reebok?

We’ve embarked on this five year partnership because Les Mills and Reebok have a lot in common; a strong heritage in group exercise and a vision to jointly recreate the modern fitness experience. Reebok has committed significant support to recreating the group exercise category, investing in great design, promotions and supporting key players. 

What makes Reebok such a good fit?

Reebok is an iconic brand in the group exercise industry. They owned the category in the 80’s and 90’s and have now redefined their strategy to return to those roots.

What will actually come from this partnership?

Together we are exploring fresh ideas and initiatives, injecting new energy and growth into the group exercise category and driving deeper awareness of Les Mills as the leading provider of group exercise.

The first output is a new top quality line of Reebok / Les Mills clothing and the first ever range of specialized Reebok / Les Mills footwear. 

Is this partnership purely about new clothing?

Is there anything more to it? Yes, we have a number of major global events planned and we’ll keep you updated around these exciting developments.

What’s the best way to get my hands on Reebok / Les Mills clothing?

If you're after the latest gear is the place to go, or you can check with your local Les Mills team to find out about any other retailers in your region. If you're a Les Mills instructor you can sign up to ReebokONE to shop the range and get an exclusive instructor discount.

I’m an instructor, do I have to wear Reebok?

You can wear whatever you choose. However Reebok is now the only brand that is able to incorporate the various LES MILLS program brands on their shoes and clothing. Reebok also offers all 100,000 LES MILLS instructors a 25% discount. Sign up to ReebokONE now to shop the range and get your discount.

I’m a presenter for Les Mills’ workshops, can I wear other brands instead of Reebok clothing on stage?

At this stage a small group of our top trainers and master trainers have been invited to become Reebok sponsored LES MILLS trainers. If you are a sponsored trainer then we ask that you only wear Reebok and LES MILLS clothing at Les Mills events/workshops/trainings etc. As a presenter you cannot wear any competing brands during quarterly filming or at any Les Mills International events/workshops/trainings etc. The distributor in your country may also have specific requirements at its own events/workshops/trainings - you should check with your distributor what these requirements are.

What’s ReebokONE?

ReebokONE is Reebok’s online community platform that also links through to its online clothing store. If you’re a LES MILLS instructor you can set up your own fitness professional profile here and it will give you access to a 25% discount on all Reebok footwear and apparel, and the co-branded Reebok / LES MILLS range. In some regions you can also sign up to the Reebok commission program through ReebokONE. This will give you a 10% affiliate commission on any products that are sold by promoting Reebok and Reebok/Les Mills online (exclusions apply). ReebokONE is currently available in: The United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. We are working on bringing ReebokONE to the following countries: Norway and Ireland followed by Mexico, Poland and Belgium later in 2014.