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I forgot my password for my Virtual scheduler.

Your password can be reset or changed from the LES MILLS Virtual scheduler login page. Click here. Please remember that in the 'Welcome to LES MILLS' onboarding email you received a set username. Use this set username when changing your password.

What do I do if I forget my temporary Virtual password? (your login to the Virtual scheduler).

Contact your LES MILLS Virtual representative who can send you a new temporary password so you can set up your account.

What do I do if I forget my Virtual username? (your username for the Virtual scheduler)

Your Virtual username comes from an onboarding email you will receive from Les Mills. This email contains a temporary password as well as a username. When you log into the scheduler for the first time, input the temporary information. The last step of this process requires you to create your new password.

What do I do if I want to change my username?

A username is unique to each account and cannot be changed.

How do I change the email address where account notifications are directed to?

For more information on changing your contact email address, please contact your Les Mills representative.

Can I log into the app with my temporary password?

No. A new permanent password needs to be created during your Virtual Scheduler setup before the iPad app login. Follow the instructions in your 'Welcome to LES MILLS Virtual' email.

What is an Access Code?

Your Access Code allows anyone (e.g. AV Partner/IT Support) to download all of your LES MILLS Virtual content without needing to fully set up the iPad. This means you do not need to give out your account details to external vendors.

My Access Code doesn't work?

Please contact your Les Mills representative who can generate a new code for downloading content without the need to log in to the app.

What is the link for the scheduler? - If you are a ClubCount user, please use your normal ClubCount login.

Can I log into the Virtual app when downloading the full catalogue?

After you log in and set up the iPad app for the first time, your content will automatically start downloading. If you would like to restrict the content to download in off peak hours, simply unlock the iPad admin control, touch the padlock (top right of screen) and enter your PIN, navigate to the Manage Downloads screen and turn on ‘Schedule download’ (button turns green).

When I reset something where does the reset email go to?

This is the original email your club used to set up the account. Your club manager should know this information.

My access code has expired, what should I do?

From when you received your onboarding email, you have 30 days to log into the Virtual scheduler using the temporary login details within the email. If you need a new code, please contact your Les Mills representative.