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How do I swap out or delete a device?

You should contact your local Les Mills representative so they can disassociate the timetable.

How do I put an extra device in my club?

To add an additional iPad to your account, contact your Les Mills representative who can arrange a new studio that's ready to connect your new iPad.

Where do I download the iOS app from?

Go to the Apple app store and search for 'LES MILLS Virtual' to download.

What happens if I pair the incorrect device to the wrong schedule?

In the LES MILLS Virtual scheduler, studio schedules can be assigned to different iPad devices. To manage these, navigate to the 'Manage Devices' page in Settings.

What are my "must have" devices and equiptment for set up?

We support Virtual setups that use an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch or 10.5 inch display with 512GB or 256GB storage, using an Apple lightning digital AV adapter. Please note that we do not support setups using any other brand of lightning digital AV adaptor OR use of Apple TV. If you need further clarification around this please contact your Les Mills representative.

When do I get a warning to reconnect any of my Virtual devices to the internet?

You will receive automated reminders to reconnect any devices to the internet if they have been consistently offline for 30 days. If your iPad remains offline for an extended time, the iPad will be locked out and classes will not be available to play.

How long will it take for content to download to my device?

Included in the initial download of the standard bundle of 5 Virtual Group Fitness programs is over 50 hours of high definition video. Downloading these can take some time as the content fle size is very large. Often it will be faster to complete downloads off site. We suggest you leave the iPad connected to the internet, with the app open. It can take 1 - 2 days and is really important that this download process is not interrupted.

1. Make sure the iPad is plugged into the power. Though the battery is good, it will go flat eventually. With a power adapter plugged into the wall, it will stay on as long as there are downloads to complete.

2. Keep the app open and the iPad unlocked. Downloads will only progress when the Virtual app is open on the iPad. As soon as the app is closed, or the iPad is locked/goes to sleep, downloads will pause. To keep the iPad awake, put the iPad into guided access mode and look at our instructions on how to set up your iPad to be used for the Virtual app.

3. Try to put the iPad as close as you can to the WIFI router. It may seem obvious, but the closer you are to the source, the stronger, more stable and faster your WIFI will be. You can always move the iPad back to where it needs to be once the initial downloads have completed.

4. If you have multiple devices, try setting each device up one at a time. Let downloads complete on each device before setting up the next.

5. If it is still taking too long, try asking your AV partner or IT provider if they can complete the download for you. This might be the easiest way to get the Virtual iPad set up as soon as possible.

When I am first setting up my iPad, why do my Live classes show on the timetable before my LES MILLS Virtual classes?

This will be because your LES MILLS Virtual classes are yet to download. They will display on the timetable once the download has been completed.

My content download has failed. What do I need to do?

The LES MILLS Virtual app will re-attempt to download your content until it is completed.

How do I connect the iPad to my sound system?

The Apple lightning to HDMI adapter has power and HDMI output only. To connect this to a separate sound and video output, use an EDID with audio splitter which plugs into the HDMI connector.

Why do I have to connect my Virtual devices to the Internet every so often?

All Virtual devices are required to connect to the internet at least once every 30 days. We recommend permanent internet connectivity to keep things up to date.