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How do I get LES MILLS at my club/facility?

The LES MILLS Group Fitness Solution works on a licensing arrangement where you pay a monthly fee to run our programmes in your facility. In return for this fee, not only do you receive pre-choreographed programmes which are refreshed quarterly, you get the world's leading instructor training, access to group fitness management tools, resources and award-winning marketing materials. To get LES MILLS programmes at your facility, just fill in the contact form and we'll get in touch.

Once you sign a licensing agreement there is typically a 12-week period to train instructors, learn choreography, and promote programmes. 

How do I get my club to take on LES MILLS?

You’ll need to get your club manager/owner to contact Les Mills UK to find out more.

See also: How do I get Les Mills at my club/facility?

How much does it cost?

There is a monthly licensing fee associated with running LES MILLS programmes at your facility. The monthly fee will vary depending on the type of facility you have and how many LES MILLS programmes you are looking to offer.

To find out what the monthly license fee would be for your facility please contact Les Mills UK.

How does the licensing arrangement work?

Licensing arrangements vary. Please contact Les Mills UK to enquire about licensing arrangements. 

Are there other set-up costs?

Depending on what programmes you’re implementing you may also need to purchase equipment for the class.

BODYPUMP™ - If your facility doesn’t already have barbell sets and steps you will need to get some. Barbells can be purchased through Les Mills UK.

BODYSTEP™ - If your facility doesn’t already have steps you will need to get some.

RPM™ - If your facility does not already have a cycle studio you will need to purchase indoor cycles. Les Mills recommends BODY BIKE®.

BODYVIVE 3.1™ / CXWORX™ - Both BODYVIVE 3.1­ and CXWORX use resistance tubes to maximise participants’ workout. Resistance tubes can be purchased through Les Mills UK.

See also: How many barbells / steps / cycles will I need for my club? And: How much does equipment cost?

Instructors need to be trained and certified to deliver the LES MILLS programmes and there is a cost involved in this that some facilities choose to pay on behalf of their instructors. See also: What does it cost to become a Les Mills instructor?

To track the success of the LES MILLS programme(s), and their wider group fitness offer, many facilities also choose to purchase CLUBCOUNT™. See: What is CLUBCOUNT?

How many barbells/steps/cycles will I need for my club?

The number of barbells / steps / cycles that you require will depend on your studio size. For all LES MILLS programmes (other than RPM) we advise allowing 43 ft² (4 m²) per person. For RPM we suggest allowing a space of 21 ft² (2 m²) per bike. These recommendations will make a class comfortable but enable you to always squeeze a few more in, if necessary.

How do my instructors become LES MILLS certified?

The club will need to contact Les Mills UK to arrange for initial training in the programme, which is a two day training course. This will kick start their instructor journey and will provide them with all the tools, techniques and feedback they need to get fully certified. For more detail on what's involved in becoming a Les Mills instructors, contact Les Mills UK.  See also: What does it cost to become a LES MILLS instructor?

What does it cost to become a LES MILLS instructor?

Les Mills is in over 100 countries across the world and the cost of instructor training varies. 

Once qualified to teach the programme, instructors will need to purchase the quarterly instructor programme kits. These kits, which feature new music and new choreography, should be purchased quarterly. See also: How do I become a LES MILLS instructor?

I don’t currently have any LES MILLS instructors, how do I find them and can we still take the programmes?

Yes! One of the great things about LES MILLS programmes is that, as they are pre-choreographed, you’re not limited only to instructors who are able to create their own choreography to music. With our world-renowned instructor training, securing a full team of star instructors is simple.

When you become a LES MILLS licensee you will be assigned a personal Customer Experience Manager who will work with you to ensure you have all the instructors you need. Using the LES MILLS Instructor Recruitment Guide you’ll have a step-by-step guide to running instructor recruitment evenings, recruitment DVDs and a range of instructor recruitment marketing materials that will help you appeal to your existing instructors and attract new ones.  See also: How do I become a LES MILLS instructor?

How will LES MILLS programmes help me to attract new members?

Partnering with Les Mills you’ll be able to grow your membership base through member referral and group fitness events.

Satisfied LES MILLS participants have recommended their current facility to friends and family at a staggering rate of 93%.  Compared to only 76% of gym attendees who recommend their current facility*.  If you want to find out specifically what group fitness referral could be worth to your facility see our Acquisition Calculator.

With new music and choreography released every quarter, LES MILLS programmes also provide the perfect opportunity to host group fitness events. As part of our Group Fitness Management Solution, we provide you with a step-by-step guide to hosting successful events at your facility - whether you have little to no budget or want to stage grand, large-scale events. You’ll also have access to world-class marketing materials, which will help you draw in your members and get them to bring their friends and family too! If you want to find out specifically what group fitness re-launch events could be worth to your facility see our Relaunch Calculator.

How will LES MILLS programmes help me to keep my existing numbers / improve my retention rate?

Research indicates that improving the average number of visits per week a member makes by just one will lead to a 3% increase in a facility’s retention rate. Research commissioned by IHRSA and undertaken by American Sports Data shows that on average freestyle Group Fitness participants attended approximately 0.9 times per week. Research commissioned by Nielsen’s shows that on average LES MILLS Group Fitness participants attend 3.1 times per week. With this in mind, it’s clear that members attending LES MILLS programmes are more likely to stay with you for longer*.

Additionally, LES MILLS Group Fitness participants have more intention to renew their membership than those who don’t do Group Fitness (72.2% compared to 63.4%). 65.7% of LES MILLS Group Fitness participants believe that Group Fitness is an important motivator in keeping them at the club long-term and 71.8% are “very likely” or “extremely likely” to continue taking LES MILLS classes in the next 12 months.

If you want to find out specifically what group fitness referral could be worth to your facility see our Retention Calculator.

We are not a health club but are still interested in offering LES MILLS programmes at our facility, is this possible?

Yes! As all LES MILLS programmes are provided via a licensing agreement they can be (and are currently being) run at a range of fitness facilities including gyms, leisure centres and trusts.

Which LES MILLS programmes should I start with?

The first LES MILLS programme(s) you choose to launch should depend on the current demographic of your facility and/or the demographic you are looking to attract. Our most popular programme is BODYPUMP™ - the original barbell class, which is now licensed to 16,000 facilities around the world. This programme offers something to both men and women of all ages and fitness levels. If you are just beginning your journey with Les Mills we recommend this as your first programme.

If you’re looking to further add to your group fitness programming we recommend one of our other globally popular core programmes. These include BODYCOMBAT™, BODYBALANCE™/BODYBALANCE and BODYSTEP™.

To ensure optimum success with Les Mills we suggest you start by launching just two programmes. Once these are working successfully at your facility you can add any others from our 13 programme offering.

See our programmes page for more information on our 13 dynamic group fitness programmes.

What is CLUBCOUNT™ powered by Les Mills?

CLUBCOUNT powered by Les Mills is a web-based software that helps facilities to monitor and manage group fitness attendance to drive growth. It enables you to know which programmes attract the most members, who your top instructors are and what percentage of total visits can be attributed to group fitness. It also provides you with a schedule design tool that enables you to produce online and print class timetables that market your programs effectively. What’s more, because CLUBCOUNT powered by Les Mills is web-based, you’ll have access to it 24/7.

See the About CLUBCOUNT page for more information on the CLUBCOUNT group fitness management software.

What is the LES MILLS™ On Demand affiliate program and how do I join?

The LES MILLS™ On Demand affiliate program gives Les Mills partners an easy, no cost opportunity to enhance their value proposition by integrating a home workout solution into their membership – while enjoying the extra revenue that goes with it. Members enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to the workouts loved by millions for an exclusive member discount.  

For more information on the Affiliate Program click here, if you are ready to go ahead and sign up, you can do this here

If you’re not currently a Les Mills partner but are interested in becoming one, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.    

See also: How do I get Les Mills at my club/facility?  


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