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These two Instructors defied the pandemic to build their own booming livestream business

2020 collectively forced the fitness industry to evolve and Hypervelo is the ultimate example of this. Frustrated by the first lockdown and their inability to teach live classes, two LES MILLS Instructors took the initiative and created an online community that transports the live studio experience into the audience’s living room. Now with a booming member base and a 33-class per week timetable, the Instructors behind Hypervelo share the secrets to their success…. Read more

You define your success –– 240X240.jpg

by Sarah Shortt

We know you want to fill your classes and ensure you can keep teaching for years to come. Jackie Mills, Kylie Gates and the team at Les Mills spent 18 months developing new training with exactly this objective in mind – and it’s called Advanced Training. Read more

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LEADING IT OUT by Sarah Shortt

by Sarah Shortt

We catch up with the new CEO of Les Mills, Clive Ormerod, on leadership, LES MILLS GRIT, and why live classes will always be the pinnacle of the business. Read more