Harness the Power of the Team

Les Mills is dedicated to keeping you at the forefront of fitness with the latest innovations in group exercise solutions. We also strive to provide you with the best services possible by harnessing the full power of our Team - our partners, Instructors, Trainers and office teams alike.

After careful consideration, we've identified several opportunities to help you deliver the best member experience through world-class programming, quality Instructors and a highly-skilled team.

As of 31 of August, we will be changing the structure of our Trainer, Assessor and Presenter (TAP) Team by removing the role of Regional Training Coordinator (RTC). This decision will allow us to leverage the skills and expertise of all 85 TAP Team members through additional upskilling and development.

Although the role of RTC will no longer be in the business these individuals remain active and highly valued members of the UK TAP Team. These dedicated individuals have done an amazing job over the years and we're sure many of you will want to thank them for their support.

What does this mean for you?

In short, more access to our highly-skilled TAP Team and expert Group Fitness Specialists.

While the individuals previously in the role of RTC will continue to remain an extremely valuable member of our TAP Team, this change allows us to be more agile in offering services like Instructor upskilling and recruitment workshops, Masterclasses and product knowledge training.

In addition, our team of highly-skilled, regionally based Group Fitness Specialists work hard to ensure successful launch of new programmes and ongoing support through training such as Group Fitness Management (GFM).

We feel these changes will provide better access to the expertise and skills needed to help you achieve your goals.

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