Buck the trend – give your club the edge and find out how to solve your empty studio dilemma GET SUCCESS ROADMAP

‘‘ West Wood Gym Clontarf now gets 55% higher Group attendance every week... And on average, total club visits are up 42%. ’’

– West Wood Case Study, IHRSA


Specialist studios and cycle boutiques are on the rise. Is your club ready for this fast growing threat?

Your new competition is earning twice as much per month per member. Their studios are full. So how do they do it?

Sophisticated marketing, cool branding and exceptional experiences drive the appeal of boutiques, especially for millennials. 42% of fitness facility members in the USA attend a boutique - double the numbers from 2014. These studios are winning customers, fast.

Your business can ride the trend too. We can help you maximise the utilisation of your cycle studio by adding HIIT, virtual and immersive classes backed by the appeal of the LES MILLS brand.

It’s time to shift gear, become more competitive and win back market share.


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