The question is not just how do we prevent catastrophic climate change, but how do we adapt to the changes already occurring. A new documentary – free to view now for Fit Planet subscribers – asks us to look for the answers now.

Climate change is often spoken about in the future tense – it’s going to happen, so what can we do to prevent it, or at least mitigate its effects? But what if it’s happening already? The inconvenient truth is that it is. And that is the premise of a new documentary film The Human Element, which reveals the impact of climate change right now on communities in the US.

Featuring renowned environmental photographer James Balog, and produced by Olivia Ahnemann (co-producer of the Academy Award winning The Cove), The Human Element visits those places nearest the frontiers of environmental crisis, and asks us to re-evaluate our relationship with the natural world and its basic elements of earth, air, fire and water.

You might ask why a fitness company is promoting a film about climate change. Partly, it is because we really do believe in a fitter planet, in every sense. And partly it is because without a fitter planet, the chances of us, and future generations, enjoying the benefits of good health, and the fuller life that comes with it, become remoter all the time. We believe there is no more urgent issue, and we can all play our part.

But you decide for yourself. The Human Element is streaming free of charge and exclusively until October 30 thanks to Pure Advantage, the environmental think tank founded by Les Mills Managing Director Phillip Mills. Please share the link and encourage the discussion.


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