It is naturally abundant, and many cultures have understood its nutritional and medicinal value for centuries. Soon it could be coming to a dinner table near you.

Australian seaweed scientist and entrepreneur Pia Winberg dreams of a world where the health benefits of seaweed are accepted, and the red, brown and green marine algae appears on dinner plates around the globe as a mainstream, everyday food and source of fiber.

You can hear Winberg discuss her fascinating project here:

Winberg has a 20-year history with seaweed, originally in aquaculture and attempts to grow it more sustainably. But a decade ago she became more interested in seaweed as a food: what it contained, its nutritional qualities, and what it could add to our increasingly processed Western diet.

This led her to begin studying seaweed almost as medicine, with one clinical trial finished and a new one about to start. The aim is to demonstrate how seaweed could help people suffering from metabolic disorders, pre-diabetes conditions and skin diseases.

Watch Winberg explain more about her work here:

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