You have taken the first step on your instructor journey

Next step

If you are ready, your next step is to book on to an Initial Module Training to start your certification journey.

We have training events all over the UK so find your closest one today.


Our Initial Module Training is an intensive and rewarding 2-day course that equips you with all the knowledge you need to be a successful Les Mills Instructor, teaching your chosen programme safely and effectively.

Designed to fit all kinds of learning styles, your course will include lectures, group discussions, practical workout sessions and teaching practice.

Topics we cover include:

  • How to interpret, understand and learn choreography.
  • How to perform and evaluate correct exercise technique.
  • How to coach the class so that it is both safe and effective.
  • How to create a rapport with your class so they want to keep coming back.
  • How to create a memorable, fun and inspirational workout experiences.

You do not need any prior fitness qualification to undertake Les Mills training. Please note, some clubs in the UK might require a general group exercise certificate to teach, please refer to your prospective employer directly for their policy. Learn more about combined training options here or fill out the form with questions.


We have 21 globally popular LES MILLS programmes to choose from, designed for different styles of fitness training. Barbell classes, cycling, HIIT, martial arts, dance and more - we have something for everyone.