Live Quarterly Workshops

Quarterly Workshops are designed to help you do what you are great at. Connect with other Instructors, experience the latest release with the Trainer Team and we will share with you the latest research and education.

What should I expect on the day?

Quarterly Workshops are 90-minute sessions which give our Instructors programme-specific training on the brand-new releases.

1) You'll benefit from gaining in depth knowledge in the 30-minute education session based on the latest research developments

2) You'll refresh your own teaching style with expert advice from our Trainer Team

3) You'll experience an inspiring 60-minute Master Class

For more information please check out the FAQs below.





Quarterly Workshop Webinars

Whilst we all love the interaction and magic of live events, we recognise that sometimes it’s just not possible to get those Saturday classes covered or drive to the next city for a Workshop.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to deliver the latest education straight to your laptop, you won’t even need to leave your doorstep! You have the option to attend a live webinar where you will be kept up to date with the latest research and tips and tricks for rocking the release. No need to cover classes or spend money for travel.

Webinars will be a presentations given by a Trainer and a support Trainer and will include education on the latest release. Technique will be demonstrated by the Trainers with the opportunity for Instructors to ask questions via the chat box. The webinars will also be interactive, with polls and questions to keep it exciting!

Bookings for Quarterly Workshop Webinars will open on 6th August 2019. For more information please check out the FAQs below.



Live Quarterly Workshop FAQs

Who can attend the event?

This is a Les Mills Instructor only session. You must be certified in the Quarterly Workshop programme to take part in the session. If you have undergone Initial Module Training but are yet to certify, you can attend one Quarterly Workshop between your module training and certification.

Is this an Ongoing Development Point?

Yes. You will receive 1 x Ongoing Development Points for the chosen programme in which you are certified.

Remember that as a Les Mills Instructor, you are required to attend 2 Ongoing Development Points per calendar year for each programme in which you are certified. Your options for Ongoing Development Points across the year are: Quarterly Workshops, a Tribal Gathering, Advanced Training and a feedback video.

Who takes the session?

One of our amazing UK Trainer Team will be taking Quarterly Workshop Sessions.

What should I bring?

We will supply equipment for all sessions. For BODYBALANCE you can bring your own mat and for CXWORX please bring your own SMARTBAND or CXWORX TUBE. Make sure you bring plenty of water to keep hydrated and snacks if you want them.

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel a Quarterly Workshop/Tribal Gathering space?

No, that is part of your ongoing development payment of £7.50 per quarter. Remember, you need to obtain 2 Ongoing Development points per year, per programme to uphold your certification.

Quarterly Workshop Webinars FAQs

What will be included in a Quarterly Workshop Webinar?

Webinars contain 45 minutes of programme specific education that relates to new innovations within the release, coaching, connection and performance tips to help rock this release. It also allows you the opportunity to ask specific questions related to the release to seek further insight.

How do I book onto a Quarterly Workshop Webinar?

You can book this through the Instructor portal as you would do a live quarterly workshop and select the relevant Webinar for your programme(s).

What if I am a little late to the Quarterly Workshop Webinar?

Please try to be there early and for the start of the webinar to ensure you get the most out of the education.

Can I access the Quarterly Workshop Webinar on my phone?

Yes you can, the viewing functions are slightly different to that of a computer/laptop but the Trainer will advise on how to use the swipe function to video the presenter or powerpoint slides.

If I attend the Webinar, will the recording be available after it has finished?

Absolutely, sometimes we can forget things, miss things or we simply want to explore education again at our own pace. Once the Webinar has finished you will receive the recording within 2-3 days. If you cannot attend the Webinar then we will make the recording available to you 7 days after the Webinar has taken place. Please note that this will not count as an Ongoing Development Point.

Are Quarterly Workshop Webinars worth an Ongoing Development Point?

Yes it is. If you cannot attend the live Webinar then you can access the recording 7 days after, however this will not be classed as an Ongoing Development Point.

Do I need to see the masterclass beforehand?

Yes, this is very important as it will help you to get the most out of the webinar. Please watch the entire masterclass and come prepared to the masterclass within any questions that relate to this release.

Are you tracking attendance?

Yes, GotoWebinar is an interactive platform.

Do I need to have access to wifi?

Yes, you will need a steady internet connection to receive the Webinar.