The easiest way to manage your Les Mills life

We know you thrive on teaching packed classes and not the admin that goes with it,

so we’ve developed Les Mills Connect to make your life easy.

Les Mills Connect is the quickest and easiest way to manage all things Les Mills and find work fast.

Showcase your talents

Get noticed in the best way possible by creating your Instructor profile and sharing your background and interests. You can add photos and your website and social media links

Find work faster

Let clubs know what, where and when you want to teach.

Reach out directly to clubs by sending a message via Les Mills Connect.

You can easily search for vacancies by preferred program, area and club and be notified of new vacancies.

The only Les Mills login you need

Create and manage your Instructor profile

Navigate across to your Instructor Portal

Effortlessly connect with new clubs and your affiliated clubs

Keep up to date with the latest news and upcoming events via the Les Mills Connect dashboard

Watch out for more features coming to Les Mills Connect soon


What is Les Mills Connect?

Les Mills Connect: the one place for Instructors to go, to access anything Les Mills related.

Connect has been designed to make your Les Mills life easy – so you can focus on more important things, like creating life-changing fitness experiences and connecting with your members.

Les Mills Connect will soon replace the existing Les Mills portals.

Why should I use Les Mills Connect?

One of the key features of Les Mills Connect is connecting available Instructors with recruiting Clubs. You can set up your personal profile to showcase your talents and certifications, and set your status to show if you are open for teaching opportunities. You can search for opportunities within a specific area, program and Clubs and inquire to Clubs directly via Les Mills Connect.

With new features released every quarter, you will soon be able to book training and events, manage and purchase releases, along with a host of other helpful features.

Do I still need to use the Instructor portal?

Yes, but you can link directly to the Instructor Portal from the Les Mills Connect dashboard. We are planning to move all the functionality from the portals into Les Mills Connect soon so you will only need to access one platform.

How do I log into Les Mills Connect?

For Instructors, you can use the same login as your Releases App or Instructor Portal to login into Les Mills Connect.


I’m mid-way through my certification in the Instructor Portal. Do I need to finish the process in Les Mills Connect?

If you’ve completed Initial Training but not yet submitted your final assessment video, you can keep using the Instructor Portal to finish it off. Next time you start Initial Training you can do it all using Les Mills Connect – easy as!

There will be three training dates that will move onto Connect partway through the journey. If you are on one of these trainings, you will receive an email from us explaining this impact. All initial trainings from 18 February 2023 will be fully on Les Mills Connect.

Why is Initial Training moving to Les Mills Connect?

We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to improve your experience. We’ve created Les Mills Connect as a one-stop-shop for all things Les Mills, which is why we’ve moved Initial Training across from the Instructor Portal to its new home – eventually Les Mills Connect will replace the Instructor Portal completely.

Using Les Mills Connect for Initial Training makes getting certified even easier! You get a more seamless journey, you can view everything in one place, it’s faster to upload your assessment videos, it's easy to see due dates and what steps you still need to complete.

Will Advanced Training be moving to Les Mills Connect?

We’ve moved Initial Training onto Les Mills Connect first, as it is the more complex training journey. We will be moving Advanced Training across towards the end of 2023.