Change the world

As a Les Mills Instructor, you change lives every time you step into the gym and on November 18 2017 we changed lives on a scale like never before. But it isn’t over yet! We’re still fundraising for UNICEF Workout for Water, so get involved and keep donating and raising money to save lives!



Clean water. It’s fundamental to our survival. Yet 2.1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to it...

On 18 November, you can turn any (or all!) of your Les Mills classes into a Workout for Water. We are asking you to raise the USD$414 it costs to build a water pump in East Africa. Just one of these pumps can bring clean, safe drinking water to an entire community.

Are you ready to work out for water?


On 18 November, you can turn any (or all!) of your Les Mills classes into a Workout for Water.

There will be a new track and new choreography for you to incorporate into each workout. This will be delivered to you in November in a one-off special release. The workouts will represent the average journey to collect clean, safe drinking water in East Africa.

All information and tools you need to run a successful event can be found in your Instructor toolkit. For more information visit our FAQs.



To make fundraising as simple as possible, you can create your own personalised page.

From the hub, you’ll be able to accept donations, compare your progress against other pages and post updates to thank your sponsors.

Your Club may want to create a group fundraising page for everyone to use, or they may want you to create a page for each class. Make sure you check with your Club how they'd like to fundraise.

Our goal is for every workout to raise enough money to build one water pump in East Africa (USD$414).


Top 5 fundraising tips