Parents all over the planet will understand that screens have taken over in a big way. All too often children are silently sitting as they stare at a screen, and it isn’t cool. Young people need to move, their health depends on it.

  • Adventure is everywhere. My children and I have a weekly activity called ‘Scooter Adventures’. Basically we each choose a piece of equipment (I have the pram, the children have bikes or scooters) and we head out the front door to explore the city. In winter, there are raincoats, in summer, sunscreen. Every adventure ends up being at least a few hours of moving and they’re very productive! We have a break to eat, I get chores done in places I’d normally drive to, and we discover all sorts of amazing things – things we never would have seen from the couch.
  • Bouncing is the best. A trampoline will change your family’s life. If you’re willing and able to invest the cash and have the available space, a trampoline is an excellent addition. We spend at least half an hour a day on our trampoline – and I know from first-hand experience, it’s a real workout!
  • Lead by example. I used to struggle to find time for workouts. Then baby number four arrived and finding time to exercise became impossible. So I learnt to adapt. I now know that by including your kids in your workout you can not only get your workout done, but also get them moving while you role-model healthy living in adult life. How about you squat for as long as they can do star jumps? Or, see if they can they run around the living room three times before you’ve done 20 lunges? Or even better, see who can do more pushups?
  • Sometimes screens are okay. Here’s the sales pitch… Give BORN TO MOVE™ a go, it’s fun, action-packed activity that your children can do anytime, anywhere – it’s available free online (simply visit LES MILLS™ On Demand). My kids love it, and there’s no better review than that.

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