If you’re staring down the barrel of a chaotic festive season, and it’s looking like you may be trapped indoors with children, you need a strategy to get you through. Here it is…

As any frazzled parent will attest to when you’re dealing with the chaos of overexcited children grabbing the TV remote or pressing play on an iPad is the ultimate quick fix. While your children will become quickly engrossed, chances you’ll feel pretty guilty about simply plonking them in front of a screen. But there’s no need to. By making smart choices about what your children watch you can be doing nothing but good.

Press play with the BORN TO MOVE activity challenges and not only will you be able to keep children entertained, they’ll be up and active, burning all that excess energy at the same time.

Designed to help young people fall in love with physical activity, there are short videos suitable for everyone from youngsters to teens. Each combines a motivating and scientifically-proven mix of age-appropriate movement with music. They are fun, engaging and guaranteed to get children channelling their energy in all the right ways.

Check out our favorites here:

Children will love setting their sights high and flying through this variety-packed 10-minute challenge. Smiles will shine as they warm their bodies with some serious pilot strut and pull out high-energy dance moves. After finding the electric feeling from their fingers to their toes, they’ll energetically express themselves with a playful series of punches, speedballs and jump kicks.

This action-packed ten minutes kicks off with loads of hand clapping, wild dance moves and killer poses. After the craziness of the warmup it’s straight into a high-energy set of powerful karate punches and high knee runs. The highlight comes when children unleash their own individuality and flair, pulling out smooth dance moves set to techno beats.

Get set to raise heart rates with a set of knee popping, elbow swinging moves set to a flava-packed techno beat. The intense punch track, featuring jabs, knees and high knee runs, is the ultimate way to build cardio fitness and coordination, and the perfect complement to the smooth and sharp dance moves that come at the end.

Want more BORN TO MOVE action at home? Check out the free childrens material available on LES MILLS On Demand.

You can learn more about For more ideas about how to get kids moving, check out these top tips for getting kids moving from our resident Fitmom Diana Archer-Mills.

Learn more about BORN TO MOVE here.

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