There are so many opinions out there on milk supply, some women struggle to get enough and others can express gallons daily. I’ve personally struggled to keep up at times, especially with my big hungry boys! Here’s how I got through…

Whenever I’ve needed a serious milk producing boost I’ve looked to my diet and added the following into the mix.

Borage Tea

Borage is a weed, prolific in summertime, and if you can find someone with a borage plant, use the flowers and leaves to make a tea (which smells totally unappealing FYI) and drink a cup or two a day. But go slow with this, if you drink a lot, the milk may be more than you can handle.


Flaxseeds are rumored to be good for milk supply, and I’ve found from personal experience that they work! You can either buy them ground and add them to smoothies or raw energy balls, or in crackers that can be found at health food stores.


I’ve found that it really helps to keep your protein levels up – even though snacking is so much easier when it’s just carbs. If you can’t possibly conceive roasting a chicken, check out my eating plan for some delicious protein-rich snack ideas.


I can’t say it enough! Get as much as you can! Flavor it with berries and mint, citrus, even sliced apples – whatever you do, just stay hydrated!

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Diana Archer Mills has a love of health and fitness running through her blood. She was just 12 when she started working in the gym owned by her parents (Phillip and Jackie Mills). Now, as Les Mills Creative Director she is behind the music and moves that feature in some of your favorite workouts. But that’s certainly not Diana’s most important role. Diana is a mom of four – so it’s fair to say she knows a fair bit about pregnancy, parenting and how to juggle a busy young family with a passion for health and fitness.

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