BODYATTACK100 Filming with Adam Burke

We got Adam to give us the low down on the action which took place during the filming in Amsterdam and what to expect from the new, anticipated release of BODYATTACK 100!

Adam currently has several roles with Les Mills UK, including, Regional Training Coordinator for Ireland & Northern Ireland, BODYATTACK™, BODYPUMP™ and CXWORX™ Trainer and Presenter. He also works alongside Claire Place (Regional Training Coordinator for the North West) as a Programme Specialist for BODYATTACK.

How will you be celebrating the release of BODYATTACK 100?

As Regional Training Coordinator for Les Mills in Ireland and Northern Ireland, I hope to celebrate this incredible release with as many clubs, and as many Instructors, as possible!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be involved with the filming of BODYATTACK 100 in Amsterdam?

Honestly, I was gobsmacked. We have incredible instructors in uk and one of the best Trainer teams in the world for BODYATTACK. So many of the Trainer team have been idols of mine so I was truly honored to be asked to represent them on such a monumental release. Still doesn’t feel real actually!

Was it exciting for you to meet Lisa Osborne? Did you get to spend a lot of time with her?

Lisa Osborne is an incredible human being and every time I meet her I’m inspired to be better! We were lucky in a sense as we had got to spend the previous weekend with her as she was over in UK delivering two MASSIVE Aim-1 modules in Huddersfield and Milton Keynes. Out in Amsterdam, we all got to spend a lot of time with Lisa, as well as other BODYATTACK legends such as Bevan James Eyles, Dan Maroun and Steve Cluff. I was a sponge and absorbed as much as I could from Lisa and all the other trainers there.

Should we expect anything different for this BODYATTACK Release?

Do you know what, this release is all about celebrating the success of BODYATTACK and anyone and everyone that has something to do with, what is, THE BEST PROGRAMME! That comes across in the music where Lisa has brought back some classics but given them a more contemporary sound. There are loads of opportunities for instructors and participants to really let their hair down and share the energy which makes BODYATTACK so special as a programme. Of course, there are loads of sneaky challenges along the way also.

Would you say this is the toughest BODYATTACK Release yet?

Every release appears to feel like that but that’s necessary every release because people get so darn fit with this programme! The Athletic Strength track certainly feels like one of the most challenging and both the Plyometric and Power tracks allow you to really push yourself! In saying that, the release is so much fun at the right times that you forget how hard you’re working.

Do you have any tips for Les Mills Instructors when learning this Release?

I would say that more than ever to know the choreography inside out. This release is all about the celebration and having fun with the people that have loved this programme alongside us for all these years. Knowing the choreography inside out frees us to focus on what matters - our participants!

Thank you Adam! We can’t wait to see you in action on the BODYATTACK 100 Release!

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