BODYPUMP 100 finalists

We'd like to congratulate Julie Metcalfe and Alexandra Williams, the 2 UK instructors who made it as finalists in the competition celebrating the upcoming release of BODYPUMP 100. Read their inspiring stories here.

Julie Metcalfe's story

5 years!! A run of bad luck meant this was how long it took to get my first regular BODYPUMP class! First it was knee surgery and then ovarian cancer. I felt destined to be the eternal cover instructor! BODYPUMP helped me regain both physical & mental strength throughout these life-changing times. Once I’d recovered from the cancer surgery, I was so happy to get back to a program I am so passionate about and covered/team-taught as much as possible, but my confidence had taken a huge knock.

When I finally got my first regular class I began to feel more comfortable but still felt like a has-been, so I decided to challenge myself to attend AIM1. This was when things began to change for me, and I owe a huge THANK YOU to the fabulous Marcus Benson for helping me believe I still had more to give than I had realised. AIM1 was the catalyst which gave me confidence for AIM2 – I taught BODYPUMP 91 which is the release that will always stand out for defining who I am as an instructor today, and leading me to qualify in BodyBalance, BodyCombat and also do AIM1 in BodyVive and BodyBalance!

I tell my participants my favourite release is the one I’m currently teaching- I’ve personally had so many special/emotional BODYPUMP moments over the years that I’m careful not to discriminate - you never know which tracks hold a personal story or emotion for the people in front of you.

Alexandra Williams

Being a cardio junkie, I used to say "Ugh, BodyPump, I will never ever teach that!" And then I created a stress fracture in my right foot. Not being able to run and jump, I was forced to find an alternative way to train. So, I braved the studio to try BodyPump, encountering release 76...Over the ensuing weeks, I learned the format, what tracks I could manage versus those I couldn't yet and what modifications I needed to make while injured.

I listened to the music, developed an understanding and appreciation for each track’s focus and built my endurance. I enjoyed many different instructors' classes, laughing at them teach the drama of a Miley warmup and pumping their guns to Christina's catchy bicep tune! BodyPump provided me a workout that was simultaneously structured, consistent, super fun and challenging. I fell in love with the program and signed up for IMT on release 76 as soon as I was off my crutches. BodyPump has helped me with every program I teach, making me strong and resilient. Plus, it keeps me in such good shape that I didn't even have to do a special pre-wedding diet! I am proud to say that I am a Les Mills BodyPump instructor and have taught regular classes in both the UK and Australia.

I am honoured to say I am part of the frontline, seamlessly delivering this impressive and effective program to challenge, excite and strengthen participants across the world.

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