We are in the business of fitness and motivation, so just imagine what’s possible when we bring the energy and enthusiasm of our global team together and point it towards creating a fitter planet. Here’s where you can learn about how we’re supporting healthy communities and creating a healthier world.


In 2022 we partnered with non-profit Trees for the Future (TREES) to plant more than 1 million trees with farmers across the globe, helping the organization reach over 1 billion trees by 2030 to fight climate change. Every time a LES MILLS+ member, an Instructor, or a club partner joins our mission, we will be planting trees on their behalf.



Our work with UNICEF has been built on the common goal of creating a world where every child survives and thrives. Since 2017, we’ve raised more than USD$2m through Workout for Water events to help change the world for thousands of children. The funds raised for UNICEF since 2019 are being used to complete two multi-village solar-powered water systems in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. In 2022, 50% of all ticket revenue from our LES MILLS LIVE event in London is going directly to UNICEF.


Since 2015 we have been measuring and offsetting our carbon emissions footprint for all our offices around the world. Things like using electricity, travelling and shipping equipment is an inevitable part of our business, so while we do our best to reduce our day-to-day impact, we also support carbon forest projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to help us be carbon neutral. We also offer staff in our New Zealand team the opportunity to offset their personal carbon emissions through an automated payroll deduction program.



We want to create a healthy future by helping children shape positive physical habits from an early age. Feeding young people’s natural appetite for action, movement, and play – we’ve designed BORN TO MOVE to let them enjoy the energy, confidence, good health, and increased ability that goes with being active.

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In collaboration with Classroom Champions, Kid Power is a program which provides schools in the USA with a library of Kid Power Ups (3–5-minute videos) which give students the power to save lives by dancing, playing, and learning. Their activity unlocks ready-to-use therapeutic food which UNICEF distribute to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition around the world. When they know they can make a difference, the students become more active and engaged, experiencing how empathy, self-efficacy and teamwork can change lives. We’re proud to provide specially edited versions of BORN TO MOVE for Kid Power


Our teams around the world run their own volunteering initiatives – some are whole office team building events, while others see small groups taking a day each year to work with a charity partner. In New Zealand, employees are given the option to take a full day to volunteer with the Motutapu Restoration Trust (supporting them to restore native ecosystems for rare and endangered native birds, reptiles, invertebrates and plants on Motutapu Island, a 20-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland), or a half day to volunteer at the Auckland City Mission (helping serve lunch for those most in need, feeding members of our community who would otherwise go without).


The LES MILLS MINDFULNESS series was developed to give everyone free access to guided meditations. Our Instructors have access to all eleven guided meditations through their Instructor Releases app, and any one else can access them for free on LES MILLS On Demand.



We know that getting back into exercise post-pregnancy can be a challenge, and that’s why we created a series of safe and simple workouts to help new mothers start with post-partum exercise. These are available for free on LES MILLS On Demand, where you’ll also find tips and education on everything from core and pelvic floor exercises, safe lifting after childbirth, and breastfeeding techniques to avoid back and neck pain.



Dedicated to changing lives through music, MusicHelps run a number of initiatives designed to help New Zealanders in need with the magic of music. Every year they award grants to organisations that use the power of music to help and heal; they’re the first organization in the world to offer an all-day, everyday helpline and counselling service dedicated to music workers; and they provide financial assistance for music workers who are experiencing difficulty. The music arm of our business, Les Mills Music Licensing Ltd, has been a founding supporter of Music Helps since it was established in 2012.


Trees That Count is dedicated to increasing the number of native trees planted in New Zealand. They have planted over 40 million trees to date, and we have contributed 3000. These trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere (in a process called carbon sequestration), so by creating more native forest, there is more carbon being permanently removed from the atmosphere – which helps in the urgent fight against climate change.