All things BODYJAM!

To celebrate the launch of BODYJAM 100 we caught up with Phil, Sheyla & Katrina to chat all things BODYJAM. Phil, Shey and Lindsey are three of our incredible BODYJAM Instructors who are part of the Les Mills UK & Ireland Trainer and Presenter team.

How did you first discover BODYJAM?

Katrina: I first heard about BODYJAM from an advert on the back of FitPro magazine in like 2002, roll forward to 2010 in the gym I teach at now and I’m having a meeting with my manager at the time and she’d written “BODYJAM” on a notepad so I casually commented “oh I’ve always wanted to do that” meaning I wanted to take part in a class... She rings me 2 days later to say she’s put me on to the Initial Training and my classes start in Feb! So I got put on training by mistake I guess…

6 years later and I’m on the UK Trainer and Presenter team for BODYJAM.

Sheyla: I was working as a receptionist in a gym, to help me with bills in between my acting jobs. The co-coordinator of the gym organised a BODYJAM module, and she had 1 free space left. She said “you’d be great at this considering your dance background. You should do it if you’re free at the weekend”

I was free… So, I thought why not! Fun fact is I didn’t realise the videos were reversed so I learnt all my tracks on the wrong leg and had to reverse it all on the spot during my assessment… Talk about keeping me on my toes!

What would you tell somebody interested in giving BODYJAM a try?

Phil: Do it! Dance is fun and a really good workout, plus we get the best music! Seriously, it is such a fun programme with amazing music and choreography, there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.

Katrina: Anyone and everyone should try BODYJAM, it’s like a night out with your mates!

Sheyla: Dance has an incredible power to release and heal and BODYJAM takes that to the next level. It allows you to enter that world with confidence and freedom. BODYJAM is a feeling, a state, euphoria you just can’t get enough of. Say yes and you’ll never look back…

What would you tell somebody interested in giving BODYJAM a try?

Phil: That’s a really tough question, there are lots of contenders for that title and the answer does change. However, I’m going to say that release 80 is probably my favourite. The music and choreography is amazing (#afroki) and I presented on the masterclass filming for 80 in NZ with G and Erin too which makes it a fantastic memory too.

Sheyla: Definitely 75- Dancehall Fiyah….

The moves, the music, the feels. Perfection of marriage!


What is your favourite thing about teaching BODYJAM?

Phil: The moment just before the beat drops and you can see that everyone is feeling the music and enjoying the build up. Then when the beat does drop, everyone screams and just loses themselves in the music. That has got to be my favourite thing, seeing that and feeling that enjoyment is amazing.

Katrina: I love the connection and the impact it has on my group, sometimes the energy is phenomenal and the love they have for the programme is immense and I love that!

Sheyla: BODYJAM can enable anyone to dance, not to necessarily make them into incredible dancers but to make them FEEL incredible doing it!

How does BODYJAM make you feel?

Katrina: EUPHORIC!

What is your best memory during teaching BODYJAM?

Phil: I’ve been teaching BODYJAM for nearly 20 years and I have a lot of amazing memories to pick from. Two stand out as particular highlights however, one of which was teaching in Sweden at a big Live event at filming time to over a thousand people. We were on a circular stage that was covered by screens, and we stood inside those screens during the class introductions, the screens lifted and we were revealed to the room. Seeing everyone around the room so excited and pumped for what was about to happen is a special memory to me.

Another special memory was teaching in Hong Kong for a club launch. We were teaching on the rooftop on a lovely sunny day and were introduced by Jackie Chan. Who then stayed on stage and danced next to me for two tracks as I was teaching!

Katrina: The first time I got to be on stage with the rest of team in London was incredible. But my best memories are those epic classes with my participants in Preston where the energy is through the roof and everyone is jumping around and having the best time.

What’s your favourite BODYJAM move?

Sheyla: I’m not sure if there is one move but more the feeling… It’s that time when we’ve learned all the moves of the block and then you can feel THE BUILD coming! You can feel it in your bones, your blood, your soul and your inner core is shaking! And then THE DROP!