We caught up with Tori Willard the first ever Barre Instructor in the UK. The programme is already being trialled in clubs and is set to launch in 2018. We’ll be in touch with opportunities to become a Barre Instructor next year. For now, hear all about it from Tori.

We can’t wait for the new LES MILLS BARRE. What can we expect from the programme?

You can expect a fun, simple 30-minute balletic inspired workout.

LES MILLS BARRE™ uses the core moves from a traditional Ballet class and incorporates light weight training that will tone and shape your body, giving you an elegant and graceful look.

It’s all to a super cool and super current sound!

How did you feel when you found out you’d be the first Instructor in the UK to train in LES MILLS BARRE?

I was over the moon! I started dancing at the age of two and continued right up into my early twenties. Ballet was always my first love and meant so much to me. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to revisit Ballet but it feels soooo good to be back moving in this way.

Combining Ballet with my biggest love right now which is, of course, fitness, is THE BEST!

What are the fitness benefits of the programme?

Les Mills BARRE will train the accessory muscles in our body that we don’t get to train in our regular Fitness formats. The end result is a super toned, lean, strong body with great freedom of movement and you’ll be walking around with a spring in your step because dancing makes you feel joyful!

How was training?

Training so far has been incredible! It’s really been full on with travel. I’ve worked super hard to make the sure the course is a magical experience for all involved, whether they have danced since a child or have never danced a step in their lives.

I’ve absolutely loved meeting the Instructors around the UK. They have inspired me with their hard work, talent and courage! I was excited and nervous to be delivering the first Les Mills Barre courses in the world, but it has been such a great success and I can’t believe how lucky I am to influence this wonderful programme.

What would you say to an Instructor whose thinking about LES MILLS BARRE as a new programme?

Go for it. Even if you’ve never danced before. The training is designed to support you every step of the way. You will feel so much joy and accomplishment being a part of this exciting new way of training and will be loving the results in your body.

Do you have a favourite track in the first release and why?

My favourite track has to be track 4 peak. My two favourite things to do are jumping and Arabesques. Luckily this track has both in.

If you’d like to see more from Tori follow her on Instagram @torifaefitness