Here's a sneak peak at the guys who inspire us

A while back we launched the Les Mills Instructor of the year competition, recognising our incredible instructors. Participants nominated their favourite Les Mills instructor, the person who inspires them day in day out and we were truly inspired by the comments. Here’s a sneak peak at what people had to say and your chance to get to know the runners-up.

Liam Ryan

Liam became an instructor to inspire others just like instructors had inspired him through his own fitness journey. Liam pretty much does it all and teaches BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and SH’BAM. Liam says “It’s a very rewarding role, the best is when someone says I’ve done it because of you, you inspired me and helped me…well it’s just the icing on the cake.”

"I nominate Liam Ryan! Even though I’ve moved away I still go back to his class whenever I can! There is no instructor like him. He always pushes me to go that extra mile and smash your targets.”

Michelle Milligan

Michelle has been a fitness instructor for 20 years and has been a Les Mills instructor since 2004. Michelle says. “The highlight of my journey was being on stage at GFX Glasgow for BODYATTACK and BODYVIVE on 14th March 2015. It was actually my birthday, so it made it more special AND it was spent with 15 of my class participants who came along and absolutely loved it.”

“I nominate Michelle Milligan. Not only has she inspired countless participants to transition into instructors, but she has also generously given up her time to mentor them through the process.”

Jaime Hibbert

Jaime Hibbert has been in the fitness industry for years and was even a gym instructor while she studied at University. Jaime’s best experience as a Les Mills instructor has to be One Live Manchester where teams from her club were recognised for their talent; winning glory in the Grit Champs. This wouldn’t have been possible without Jaime’s contagious passion for fitness and ongoing support for her members.

Through her support, inspiration, professionalism and dedication to her gym members we have all reached fitness heights some of us never felt attainable…Whatever our gym goals we are always supported by Jaime and the gym family she has created. Jaime brings alive the Les Mils values everyday in everything she does. My family are fitter and happier as a result of her support.

Alan Turtle

Alan Turtle became a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor as he felt it was the perfect opportunity to pursue his passion for helping people. Alan mentor’s new instructors and participants through their Les Mills journey every step of the way and continues to live our values.

"Alan makes sure he knows everyone in the room, putting everyone at ease. His enthusiasm means everyone gives 110% in return. I joined the gym ‘Class Fitness’ four years ago, and have carried on taking classes wherever Alan is. I have met very few instructors who have the ability to get out of you as much as Alan does, and with a smile on your face!”

Jason Walshe

In 2007 Jason Walshe was introduced to BODYATTACK, he knew instantly that it was the workout for him. After travelling to the UK to do his Initial Module Training Jason has since completed AIM 1 and AIM 2. In January 2016 Jason became a Tribe Coach achieving a long-term goal of his.

“Jason is an amazing instructor. His passion and drive is infectious; it’s what keeps me going on days when I’m so tired. I don’t feel the same without having done his class. Jason can turn what was a bad day around in one class. He’s a top notch instructor.”