BODYATTACK100 Filming with Kate Slee

We got Kate to give us the low down on the action that took place during the filming in Amsterdam and what to expect from the new, anticipated release of BODYATTACK 100!

Kate has travelled around the world presenting and has delivered Initial Module Training (IMT) and Advanced Instructor Module Training (AIM) in 5 programmes. She is a Les Mills Legend and a Reebok Sponsored athlete who has not only presented at BODYATTACK 90, but now also BODYATTACK 100!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be involved with the filming of BODYATTACK 100 in Amsterdam?
Absolutely thrilled, I feel so lucky to be involved with such a massive milestone in the best programme Les Mills has!

Was it exciting for you to meet Lisa Osborne? Did you get to spend a lot of time with her?
I’ve been lucky enough to meet and teach with Lisa in countries all over the world, I got to be a Presenter on the all-girl filming of BA90 and then we’ve taught together in NZ, UK, Vegas, Amsterdam, Sweden and Paris!

Should we expect anything different for this BODYATTACK Release? Would you say this is the toughest BODYATTACK Release yet?
It’s definately one of the most varied releases. It’s a true celebration of this amazing sports inspired workout.

Do you have any tips for Les Mills Instructors when learning this Release?
Take your time! There should be no rush to learn any release, but for such an epic release as 100, learn the music inside and out, it’s amazing! This way you’ll be able to dedicate the entire workout to giving your members an ace experience!

How will you be celebrating the release of BODYATTACK 100?
Ben Grant and I will be celebrating BA100 in Bristol at Workout Harbourside with a 100 party for our members!

Thank you Kate! We can’t wait to see you in action on the BODYATTACK 100 Release!

Follow Kate on Instagram: @katesleexx