All you need to know about LES MILLS TONE

BODYVIVE 3.1 will evolve to LES MILLS TONE from January. We spoke to Head Trainer Sarah Durnford to find out what exciting changes are coming our way. We can’t wait to try it out next year.

Will this be a completely new programme?

It won’t be completely new, but an evolution. The name will change but the coaching model will stay the same. The changes include track names, class formats and the equipment we’ll use. Weights and bands are incorporated into the workout.

Why has this change been made?

To reinvigorate the programme, keeping it relevant and exciting for you and your class members. Tone speaks of the results the program delivers.

What makes it different to other programmes?

One of the things that make it really exciting is that there are 2 formats Instructors can play with. The single peak format and the double peak format. It’s all about freedom and choice so that you can create a really unique class for your participants. It’s a natural and more free way to move and teach. And like our other programmes, it will continually evolve in line with the current fitness trends.

It’s all in the name. It is a full-body training programme. You will work cardiovascular fitness, strength training and core training.

When and where will you be teaching LES MILLS TONE first in the UK?

I’ll be teaching it at Q1 Quarterly Workshops in March 2018 all around the UK. I can’t wait! If you’re not a BODYVIVE 3.1 Instructor, you can check it out at a Tribal Gathering in 2018.

What would you say to an Instructor who’s thinking of doing LES MILLS TONE as a new programme?

Go for it! Tone is all about options and choice so it can be relevant for everyone. You can tailor your class for your participants and their fitness levels. And it has fantastic playlist to go with it.

What can we expect from release 1?

You can expect cardio, strength and core tracks with a mix of choreography from our other programmes all to contemporary music. The theme is freedom and counter culture which is different from what we’ve seen before.

Do you have a favourite track in the first release and why?

Track 3. The music is awesome, very cool. Some strong core work, mixed with some plyometric training in short bursts. It’s got plenty of options making it achievable for everyone.

Check out the event planner to see when you can try LES MILLS TONE in 2018.