A daydreaming Nutella-addict

Find out how Anna made the move from the gas and electricity industry to Les Mills Trainer and Presenter.

Tell us about your career so far…

After graduating in Business Studies, I started working in Marketing and PR within the UK Gas and Electricity industry. But after about 8 years my passion for sport and fitness took over, so I left to work full-time in fitness and have not looked back. I built up a successful self-employed career in the UK as an Instructor, personal trainer running fitness and PT courses at the local college. That’s when I first became interested in education and developing people.

I always wanted to work abroad. In 2008 I moved to Bahrain in the Middle East to work as a Group Exercise Manager for Fitness First. After a couple of years, I craved a complete change and moved to Switzerland for three and a half years. It was here that I was lucky enough to become a Presenter for BODYATTACK™. My language skills were not the best and I was missing the sunshine, so I moved back to Bahrain. I am now a Trainer and Presenter in BODYATTACK™, BODYSTEP™ and BODYPUMP™ for Les Mills Middle East.

If you weren’t a fitness Instructor, you would be….

A writer and novelist.

Fun fact

I really, really hate heights and was determined to get over this fear and climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge when I was there. And I did – twice! I couldn’t quite jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland though, especially in gale force winds! It is still on my bucket list!

What’s your ideal day off?

Sleep in, beach, food and friends.

How long have you been in the industry?

Yikes! A long time – nearly 18 years teaching classes for fun.

What made you become a Les Mills Instructor?

I loved the whole package that came with Les Mills – the great training, the music, the training effect, the research alongside the classes and the buzz from everyone learning the new releases and doing great launches together.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

Having the opportunity to go to New Zealand for the BODYPUMP 100 filming was a dream I never thought would come true. Apart from that, it’s great to work and travel in the Middle East and train and meet so many people across so many diverse countries. From Armenia, to Dubai to India and many, many more countries – our region is vast, exciting and growing!

Thanks Anna. If you want to hear more from Anna follow her on Instagram @anngibson2971