The latest releases are about to land, so what are the biggest innovations this round? We outline the highlights of a few of our favorite programs.


The Squat track is a long track and the key innovation here is a brand new tempo with a pause at the base of the squat. You’re going to need to start with a lighter weight than normal because that pause means you need to work even harder to get back up! The Chest track combines a functional Walking Pushup with bar work on the bench to generate the fatigue. In the Back track we introduce the dynamic High Pull – similar to an Upright Row, but we lift up on the toes and use a bend in the knees to initiate the movement. The Lunge track sees the return of using the bench, and we have a dynamic Backward-Stepping Lunge with Knee Lift. Finally in the Shoulder Track we use the Rear Deltoid Fly with Rotation that you learned in BODYPUMP 108, which is a fantastic exercise for stability.


The stand out of the release is the Repeated Power Circuits, which were inspired by the music. Your participants are going to love the feeling of the combinations! Track 2 introduces a new move called the Freeze Jump Kick – designed to enhance our power and control. There are plenty of options for this move so everyone can feel successful. In track 5 your participants have the choice to work in standing, or perform the floor work. Dan’s favourite piece of music is track 9, it’s a blend of opera and rap! Originally Dan and Rach had considered using elsewhere in the class but decided to use this incredible piece of music to finish the workout on a big high.


The biggest initiative of this release is that, for the first time ever, we have partner work in Track 7! This creates a different dynamic and is great for mixing up the feel of the class. You’re going to love the gospel feeling of Track 2 where you have the freedom to let go and enjoy the fun and the flava, and connect with your members early on in the class. In Tracks 5 and 6 we see a great combination of moving from two feet to one foot to train stability and control. Lisa’s big focus is that you familiarise yourself with the different modifications in this workout, so you can offer the different levels to suit everybody in class.


This release is a wonderful journey. We have short, sharp bursts in intense stretching, followed by long blocks of deep poses held for a long time. There is a new Rolling Twist in Track 8 which feels simply glorious! Jackie’s favorite Track is 9b, because the song is epic and the pose is very internal, allowing the music to flood your consciousness, where Diana adores the message of the lyrics in Track 4.


Track 2 is inspired by pilates with lower ab leg circles and hopping hovers. In track 3 we have new innovation used with a plate or LES MILLS SMARTBAND called the Halo. This is a circular overhead exercise which drops down into a wide squat to engage the obliques and build power through the shoulders, back and core. Track 4 has a basic lateral 2 step that becomes a triple quick step with the LES MILLS SMARTBAND. This is a great track to strengthen and condition the glutes and the hips abductors. Track 5 offers an oblique crunch and levitating mountain climber – it will absolutely smack your obliques! In Track 6 you are literally jammin’ to a familiar sound that is guaranteed to widen the smile already on your face, with a 16 count shoulder and back superset combo.


This is the first release where you will now get ALL three programs, plus we introduce our brand new Athletic block, exciting times! We have a brand new move in Cardio called the Burpee Twist – watch out for it in the EMOM. If you’ve never taught the other variations before, this is your opportunity to check out the different programs and maybe try teaching them in your facility. For more on the changes to LES MILLS GRIT and why we have made them, click here


We’ve made a few changes to the program to ensure it stays fresh, fun and stays true to the essence of BODYSTEP. From this release it will be offered as one 55-minute class, and will no longer have two separate formats - Classic and Athletic. This format embraces both the ‘alive and uplifted’ feel of the BODYSTEP Classic class, and the simple upper and lower body challenge of BODYSTEP Athletic class. For more on the changes to BODYSTEP and why we have made them, click here


SH’BAM 34 is the easiest release ever to learn and teach! We have reduced the amount of moves in the class and allowed more time for our participants to practise and master the movements. The joy in this release comes from the simplicity of movement, allowing our members to experience the freedom of dance. The focus in this release is for EVERYONE to walk away from our class feeling successful.


TONE 5 is dynamic, exciting and simple to teach. The music is amazing! There are quite a few new moves, offering great challenges. Even if your participants are taking the lower intensity modifications, their heart rates are still going to be through the roof! Diana loves the music in the Warmup track, Touch the Sky, Rude Boy by Rihanna has finally made it into the Core track. The most important message when delivering this release is to make sure you are teaching to the people in front of you today, prioritizing their success.