Welcome to Ramadan with Les Mills

Embrace Ramadan with Les Mills as we guide you through this month of reflection and community. Our resource page is designed to keep your members engaged, and motivated during the holy month of Ramadan.

As you scroll through our landing page, you will find a no music trainer series, local market insights, a 20-day challenge designed by the TAP team especially for fasting members, educational webinars, and a marketing campaign that connects the communal spirit of Ramadan with group fitness.

We invite you to leverage these resources to significantly enrich the fitness and wellness journey of your members during Ramadan. It's a time for spiritual reflection, community bonding, and holistic wellbeing and we are delighted to accompany you on this special journey.

Wishing you a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan Kareem.



The majority of clubs change their timetable to reflect Ramadan Timings, and most shift classes to after Maghreb prayers.


of members continue to attend group exercise classes regularly during the month of Ramadan


of gyms switch to low impact, shorter classes during ramadan to accomodate members


of club members freeze their membership during Ramadan *



Join us for the 20-Day Ramadan Fitness Challenge. We've chosen 20 days instead of 30 to honor the special spiritual focus of Ramadan's final 10 days. Each day, a new fitness exercise will be featured on our Instagram Stories. These exercises cater to all fitness levels and are designed to easily fit into your daily schedule. If you're participating, tag us in your posts and we would be more than happy to repost anything on our social media. Let's stay fit this Ramadan!


How to Improve your Coaching and how to make it impactful through Connection


πŸ“… Date: March 19
πŸ•“ Time: 2:30 PM (Dubai Time)

🌟 Presenters: Denisa Alexandru


πŸ“… Date: March 19
πŸ•“ Time: 4:00 PM (Dubai Time)

🌟 Presenters: Rawan Alsaadi & Nagham Albeitawi



Cardio with Lisa Osborne and Kylie Gates

This 20min Cardio workout is designed to lift the heart rate for all fitness levels. We use bodyweight exercises, 6 moves, 3 rounds, 1 min each, then a finisher to feel awesome at the end of the session! There are lot’s of options to allow you to feel successful and energised through the workout. Enjoy!


Stretch and Flexibility with Lunar Lu

A nourishing 20min stretch class with a focus on the spine, hips and hamstrings. Designed to help with mobility, and to allow you to move better. Perfect to start the day or even after a long day at work.


Bodyweight Conditioning with Bas Hollander

Designed to make your body feel good for every day life. This is a strength workout where we pair conventional strength moves with functional explorative movements to put the body through a bigger range of movement. This is a fun and challenging workout that will make you feel energised for the rest of the day!

Empower your marketing campaigns this Ramadan with our exclusive set of Ramadan assets.
They're assets designed to elevate your promotional efforts during the holy month.