Les Mills Middle East Assessors

Meet the Instructors Who Work Behind the Scenes

The Les Mills Instructor Experience team is not just made up of the office team that instructors communicate with for support with their training and development or the Trainers and Presenters who conduct the glamorous Masterclasses at Quarterly events and Initial Training Modules. A core part of our Instructor Experience team is the Assessor team.

Les Mills Middle East Assessors are part of the global Les Mills community who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make a difference in the lives of our instructors. They support our growing Instructor team by inspiring them to achieve greatness and by actively being a part of their teaching journey. Assessing is not only watching Instructor videos and writing the feedback, but also providing meaningful insight to the Instructors through a watchful analysis of their strengths and development areas.

One of the most important ways our Assessors support Les Mills mission to create a fitter planet is by providing support and feedback in Arabic to our Arabic Instructor base. By bridging the language gap, the Assessors ensure that more Arabic-speaking Instructors are enabled to inspire increased club members to move and maintain their physical and mental well-being.

We would like to thank all our Assessors for the work they do. If you are passionate about supporting our growing Instructor community too, you can contact Fiona on fiona.fransisca@lesmills.com