It's nearly here: here's 3 tips for launch

Every 3 months, clubs around the UK are launching and re-launching Les Mills programmes. YOU are a key to making the event a success. Here’s a few tips on how to get involved.

  • Talk to your club

Your first step is to put your hand up! Everyone at the club needs to get behind the event and your job is to get involved as well as prepare to teach an awesome class. So ask your Club Manager or GFM how you can help with promotion and that you’d like to be part of instructing the class on the day.

If you teach BODYPUMP, make sure you know what’s going on at your club for global launch of BODYPUMP100 on 14 January 2017.

  • Let your participants know

Let your current participants know the schedule for the launch or re-launch of your programme and how they can sign up to attend. It’s more than likely you’ve got some fans already that would really like to be there to experience the latest release with you.

  • Get on social media

Your personal social media channels are a great way to promote both your classes and a launch event. You may have noticed us sharing social tiles with you in the Kia Ora each quarter. Don’t forget to use the social handle for your programme.

For the global launch of BODYPUMP100 on 14 January we’ll be sharing with you and your club a great range of social media tiles. Look out for them coming your way in December.

For more information on the global launch of BODYPUMP100 got to:

Get involved in our charity competition here: