A message from some of our Instructors

We spoke to our long standing Instructors & they had some great advice to share!

Jo Todd. BODYJAM - Release Number 52,

“Practise, be patient, if you make a mistake it doesn't matter, you are only human. Keep it fun!”

Carol Ramsay. BODYCOMBAT – Release Number 10

“Set aside one day for zero work. Always have one day off and one evening through the week.”

Jax Tomlinson. RPM – Release Number 47

“Remember that your class might be the one hour in the day that someone has for themselves, the one hour they have been looking forward to. Make it the best it can possibly be!”

Sheri Jolly-Passant. BODYPUMP - Release Number 52

“Know your music & choreography. Relax, enjoy and let your personality shine.”

Tom Mather. BODYPUMP - Release Number 65

“Don't take it so seriously.”

Chris Grimwood. BODYPUMP - Release Number 49

“Learn and coach the 'concept' of each release as well as the choreography. This will engage your participants even more than just the workout will.”

Deborah Gommersall. BODYBALANCE - Release Number 27

“Remember you may be the difference between a bad day and a good day to someone”

Lizzey Ellins-Stagg. RPM - Release Number 49

“Trust the process! Let IMT and AIM work their magic. Use them as opportunities to soak up knowledge and apply feedback and you'll just get better and better. Also work on the basics yourself - technique is so key to being a strong role model and keeping yourself injury free.”

Dennis Linford. BODYPUMP - Release Number 23

“Make your class fun. Make the people go out of your class with a smile on their faces.”

Daren Chapman. BODYPUMP - Release Number 25

“Enjoy, be your best & know the music.”

Karen Tew. BODYPUMP - Release Number 80

“Everyone is different, don't freak out if you're not ready to go solo as soon as everyone else on your training. Take your time with scripting, layer your cues, practice on your friends and you'll be a rockstar when you're ready.”

Jo Gillett. RPM - Release Number 80

“Embrace the programmes but stay true to yourself.”

Joanna Mason. BODYPUMP - Release Number 29

“It's not about you, it's about giving to your members.”

Myriam Armer. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 45

“Practice, team teach and cover classes whenever you can, it is the best way to experience different teaching styles, different studio atmosphere and find your true style & confidence. Seek help from Tribe Coaches or anyone that wants to help, we are all here to support each other!

Peter Smith. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 29

“Listen to your music before looking at any notes or the masterclass. Teach to the class in front of you. Go to as many LM events, QWs, TGs etc. as you can to link with the Tribe. Get as much sleep as you can!”

Angela Gill. RPM - Release Number 32

“Get ready for the career of a lifetime!”

Jackie Cunningham. BODYBALANCE - Release Number 20

“Make full use of all the educational material available to you, you are always learning no matter how long you have been teaching for.”

Helen Murray. BODYPUMP - Release Number 78

“Be yourself! And allow yourself time to grow - don't expect to be perfect straight away, but keep on learning and striving to be better and it will come eventually. Finally, classes are a time to focus on your class and their experience and needs. Make time for your own training separately.”

Melanie Reekie. BODYBALANCE - Release Number 36

“Go for a programme you are passionate about. The first-time learning and course is hard but once you are over the hurdles you will relax more and enjoy the learning experience.”

Angela Bagguley. BODYBALANCE - Release Number 7

“Only teach what you love, put in the passion and see the changes you can make to people's lives. Never give up trying to get there, you can do it. Aim high and seize the moment, be yourself, love your job, accept feedback positively and practice, practice practice. Never stop learning.”

Amie Johnson. BODYPUMP - Release Number 68

“Get involved with all education opportunities including AIMs. I wish there were more opportunities to develop myself and my skills when I first became a Les Mills instructor.”

Stephen Breakwell. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 22

“Teach as much as you can and learn from others. Don't be afraid to travel to teach your first permanent class. Get your name out there and the clubs will ask for you.”

Jose Costano. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 34

“The key to success is no matter what you think you already know, your years of experience or your knowledge, keep learning every day, keep your mind open, be curious, ask for the reasons behind every single move you make or coach and SMILE!”

Anita Rebaudo. BODYPUMP - Release Number 42

“Fully immerse yourself in each and every programme and class that you teach. Use every tool available to you from LMI and above all make sure that you always love what you do!”

Magnus Thor Asgeirsson. BODYPUMP - Release Number 50

“Think of your class as a party and your customers as your friends, because it is and they are. You are the host and you need to make everybody feel comfortable. An instructor always needs to be passionate about helping the customer, giving them the tools to succeed in what they want to achieve.”

Adele Parr. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 1

“When it all flows then you can make it your own and that's when you become a great instructor and people start coming back to YOUR classes. When you enjoy it, they enjoy it!”

Helen Cooke. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 29

“Yes, the learning gets easier!”

Susan Cordeux. BODYPUMP - Release Number 42

“Be prepared to work hard to deliver the best fitness classes.”

Lisa Ruffles. BODYPUMP - Release Number 29

“Love your job.”

Becs Older. BODYCOMBAT - Release Number 42

“Go with it as Les Mills know what they are talking about!”

Vicki Antoniou. BODYPUMP - Release Number 25

“Inspire others to become a LM tribe member, just like you were inspired yourself. Know your music inside out before you start learning the choreography!”

Jo Midgley. BODYPUMP - Release Number 41

“Team teach as much as you can to start with and be open to feedback, but most of all enjoy being part of the tribe!”