A bendy, smiley, yoga-loving foodie

Bram Prima Halim spends some time with us to talk about his career in fitness and shares some fun facts with us along the way. Enjoy!

Tell us about your career so far…

I became a Les Mills Instructor and Personal Trainer for Fitness First Indonesia in 2006 and quickly became their top selling PT. I became a Les Mills Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills Middle East and India in 2008 before moving to the UK and joining the team there in 2014. I’m a programme specialist for BODYBALANCE™ and I’m about to go back to Dubai to help develop the Trainer Team there, as well as run some sessions for Instructors in March.

What made you become a Les Mills Instructor?

I was shy, overweight, and usually at the back row of the class. One day, the Group Fitness Manager convinced me that I should be an Instructor for BODYBALANCE™. She even gave me a yoga mat (I’m pretty sure it was bribe) so I went. Since then I was trained in 7 programmes.

If you weren’t a fitness Instructor, you would be….

A travelling food blogger, for sure.

Fun fact

I once worked in a Gold Mine.

What’s your ideal day off?

In the kitchen, cooking some yummy food while Skyping with my mum, and then going out for a walk with Angus, my golden Labrador.

What’s the highlight of your career?

I’ve loved presenting in big events and running trainings in different countries. Filming the release of BODYBALANCE 72 was a real highlight for me. The satisfaction of seeing one-time trainees of mine develop into Trainers and Presenters in their own right is great. And that moment when it finally clicks for an Instructor after module trainings.

If you want to hear more from Bram, follow him on Instagram @bram1nator

Bram is heading over to the Middle East this March to run the sessions below. You can book a place on the portal.



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