Shout out to Tribe Coaches

Tribe Coaches, we knew you were awesome, but this shows how truly amazing you really are. Instructors tell us the huge impact Tribe Coaches have on them. We’ve shared just some of the incredible feedback below.

“I met Nikki Tadman on my Initial Module Training for BODYPUMP. I teach five programmes and any question I have I know I can ask her […] She was fantastic when I didn't pass BODYCOMBAT first time, looked over my feedback for me, and helped me through it. I passed the second time round […] she talked me through my rough patch!”

“Since I have been working with Jacqueline Jones my confidence has massively increased. She pushed me at the right times and nudged me in the right direction. She has been an absolute star!”

“I am just starting the process of filming my AIM2 submission video and both Lauren McDowell and Lara Shamain Patrick have been incredibly helpful. Between them they have offered me the opportunity to team teach with them, send them videos for feedback and solutions or suggestions for anything I have struggled with. They are the reason I finally plucked up the courage to go on AIM in the first place.”

Jules Barraclough spent loads of time with me helping fine tune my technique and talking about coaching to the next level. I felt well prepared and less nervous when I attended the AIM 2 weekend. Jules was an inspiration to me […]”

“I had guidance and feedback on my initial training journey from Ray Dowling. I found his constructive and positive feedback invaluable”

“Both Owen McInroy and Andrew Johnson are passionate and dedicated Instructors and go out of their way to help you progress within your Instructor journey.”

“I definitely think she was worth her weight in gold, it was Lara Shamain Patrick

Chris Chester is very easy going, approachable and shows a genuine want to help others and see them succeed. A great coach and a great friend.”

Tribe Coaches support Instructors through all aspects of the Les Mills training journey. They provide feedback and guidance to all levels of development and often incredible assistance at module training.

They work with us to deliver with Master Classes set up by the LMUK office, and enjoy being actively involved within their area. That said, becoming a Tribe Coach is about helping and guiding others. This is the primary function and one that Tribe Coaches pride themselves on.

3 Steps to becoming a Tribe Coach

1. If you would like to become a Tribe Coach achieving Elite in a programme is necessary to demonstrate a deeper understanding in the programmes.

2. Your area must also be an area of need for a Tribe Coach as we currently have over 100 (but we do always need more!).

3. Email to enquire and if the top two are a yes he will arrange an interview for the role.