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Where can I find a list of upcoming events (Initial Trainings, AIMs, Quarterlies, etc)?

Check out the events calendar on the Instructor Portal or the events section on our website to get signed up!

I have a discount code for training but it's not working. What do I do?

Discount codes only work when you’ve selected your facility in the Instructor Portal AND it’s been approved by the facility. If it's been 24 hours after approval, you can use the code to register for the training. You can check to see if you’re affiliated and/or add a facility in the Instructor Portal.

I registered for a training but haven't received my materials yet. When will I receive them?

The Training Team issues the digital release for you to download two weeks prior to the event, and this email also includes your track assignments. If you haven’t received your materials yet, and it is past that timeline, please email us.

How do I get my CECs after attending a training?

Head over to the Instructor Portal, select EVENTS and under MY PREVIOUS EVENTS, you will find your CEC info listed.

How do I cancel after I've registered for a training?

Simply email us your name (as it appears in your Instructor Portal account) and the name and date of the event and your reason for canceling, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Where can I share feedback on the latest release?

Sharing your thoughts is as easy as completing the latest BLAH – Be Loud and Heard Survey. Or you can simply send an email to

What should I do if I notice a mistake in the choreo notes?

We go the extra mile to ensure our choreo notes are 100% accurate, but we’re human! Please check the choreo updates page to view any updated choreo – you’ll need to log in to view this section.

Do I have to keep my release kit to myself?

Every LES MILLS release is jam-packed with the hottest new music, the latest and greatest exercises and some of the best education and scientific research in the fitness industry. We pull it all together exclusively for instructors, so that you’re inspired and empowered to create life-changing fitness experiences every time, everywhere. As an instructor, when you purchase a LES MILLS release kit, you agree that the content will be used only by yourself as you learn the new release and not shared anywhere other than when you are using the music to teach a LES MILLS workout.

How do I purchase a back release?

Visit the Instructor Portal and update your card details under MY ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> BILLING INFORMATION. Then head over to RELEASES -> BUY RELEASES to purchase the release you need. PLEASE NOTE: You must be subscribed to Autoship to be able to purchase back releases.

What is the Autoship schedule for 2015?

While we do not release the exact dates until closer to the quarter, Autoship billing is always processed in February (Quarter1), May (Quarter2), August (Quarter3) and November (Quarter4).

Where can I get a receipt for my Autoship billing?

Visit the Instructor Portal, select MY ACCOUNT and then ORDER HISTORY. From there, you can print a copy of your receipt.

Why can't I see the releases for purchase on the Instructor Portal?

You MUST be subscribed to Autoship to purchase releases. Once in the Instructor Portal, be sure to select CERTIFICATIONS and then subscribe to Autoship for your program of choice. Once subscribed, you can make purchases of any available release under RELEASES -> BUY RELEASES.

Where can I get help downloading my release(s)?

Please be sure to check out our Digital Resources page, which includes a link to a playlist on YOUTUBE showing several helpful video tutorials covering a range of FAQs we've received from people having issues with their digital downloads. PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a windows user, don’t forget to UNZIP/EXTRACT your music and choreography so that you can use it successfully. Here’s a great video on how to do this: WINDOWS DIRECTIONS.

How do I save my digital release kit?

The Instructor Portal is NOT a streaming site. The files will expire after 180 days from date of purchase AND/OR if you’ve reached the maximum download limit (5). Please be sure to SAVE your files once downloaded to either an external drive or to cloud storage. Watch this video for help saving your digital release kits.



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