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Why combating piracy is important for us all

We want to make certain that everyone who partners with Les Mills and uses our products has 100 percent confidence that any product or service bearing the LES MILLS™ brand is of the highest standard – and backed by the comprehensive support and quality control we’re known for. If there are cases of counterfeit products or infringement it undermines your peace-of-mind – and it can put users at risk. This is why we take protecting our intellectual property rights very seriously.

If you come across any counterfeit LES MILLS product or infringement we need you to report it.

Report Piracy

If you come across any counterfeit LES MILLS product or unauthorized activity please report it here.

If you leave your name and email this might help if we have follow up queries – we will only contact you in relation to the issue you have reported. Please be assured we will keep your details private.

Thank you for your submission.

The information you have provided will be reviewed as soon as possible.

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*If you are unsure of the category please choose Miscellaneous and leave a detailed description.

What types of things can you report?

LES MILLS Releases

Copies and originals of digital or physical quarterly release materials for sale on online marketplaces

This can include:

  • Masterclass video (full video)
  • Master class video (track only)
  • Choreography Notes
  • Music files for the full playlist or individual tracks
  • Download links to masterclass or educational content on torrent websites either for sale or for free e.g. Mega.co.nz and piratebay

Personal performance of masterclasses

Videos of full classes or individual tracks

Unofficial Apps for users to access/share masterclass video and playlists (not including the Releases App)

Social Media accounts for users to access/share masterclass video and playlists by direct message or links to sites to access content

Equipment & Merchandise

  • Counterfeit LES MILLS equipment seen on online marketplaces, social media pages or physically in clubs/trade shows/events, etc.
  • Equipment and merchandise being sold using Les Mills’ trademarks, e.g. BODYPUMP barbell

Clothing, Footwear, & Accessories

  • Counterfeit Les Mills – Reebok clothing, footwear, or accessories on online marketplaces
  • Unauthorised clothing, footwear, or accessories using Les Mills’ trademarks for sale on online marketplaces or on social media


  • Together with Corsearch, our piracy partner, we’ll review your report.
  • Les Mills will then take action to deal with the issue.


We have engaged Corsearch, a global service that specializes in the detection and removal of online infringement activity. By teaming up with Corsearch we can take a comprehensive approach to protecting the investment made by Les Mills clubs, instructors and class participants.