Check in to a fitness festival and forget that seedy festival hangover. Choose the right event and you’ll walk away feeling invigorated, euphoric and on track for everyday good health.

The word festival used to be synonymous with muddy mosh pits and extreme intoxication. Times have changed. Now, many of the planet’s most popular festivals feature activewear not alcohol and dumbbells not denim. The only highs are of the exercise endorphin variety.

One thing remains the same, though. It’s music that gets the masses moving.

Today’s most successful fitness events feature the hottest music played through pumping sound systems in rock concert settings. Add a stage full of fitness stars leading variety-packed workouts and you can be sure the event will draw thousands.

A good fitness event is nothing short of a phenomenal party. It combines the energy of a live concert with the buzz that comes from working out alongside thousands. There’s pumping music and rock concert sound and lighting thrown in too. It’s not only great fun, when you feel the energy of a massive crowd working as one you will push yourself further.

While most fitness events are jam-packed with heart-rate-raising, sweat-inducing intensity, many also feature restorative aspects. In fact, some events focus on nothing but pure wellness – think yoga, mindfulness, cleansing workshops and markets for hand crafts. If that’s not your thing, rave-inspired running events, group cycle sessions and various dance parties also feature on the growing calendar of fitness events.

One thing that’s pretty consistent is that fitness events are designed for everyone. So whether you’re an everyday exerciser or you’re completely green on the fitness scene, you’re sure to find a fitness event to suit.

In recent years Les Mills has invested heavily in fueling the fitness event movement, staging a global tour that celebrates the latest exercise trends and cutting-edge music. The grand scale of these events is taking fitness events to a whole new level and proving their popularity – already tens of thousands have experienced the magic of Les Mills Live.

If you’re yet to experience a Les Mills Live event you’re missing out. Secure your spot at an upcoming Les Mills Live and you’ll be working out alongside an awesome line up of the world’s best presenters – Ben Main, Erin Maw, Kylie Gates, Mark Nu’u, Rach Newsham and many more!

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