Why you need to mix things up

Do the same workout every time you exercise and not only will you get bored, so will your body – and when your body is bored you don’t get the results you deserve.

The amount of calories you burn during an exercise class varies depending on how many times you’ve done the workout before.

If you’re doing a class for the first time it’s likely that the amount of calories you burn will be a little on the low side. This is because the movements are new and you’re unlikely to be executing them with as much vigour or confidence as you would do if you were familiar with the movements. The second time you complete the same workout your calorie burn will be back up to normal levels.

But then it’s all downhill.

If you continue to work out with exactly the same tracks for the next three to five classes, the amount of calories you will burn will decrease, and then stay below normal. This drop is because your body knows what to expect and as a result it learns to minimize the energy expenditure. Even if you don’t realise it, you find the class slightly less challenging and automatically begin to take it easy.

This is why you need to mix things up.

To get the best results from the time you dedicate to exercise you don’t need to do a different type of exercise class each day (although that is a good idea), but you should do different variations of the class. That’s where the many different LES MILLS release options come in.

Every LES MILLS program follows a basic structure, but we regularly release new variations of the program, featuring new music and different movements or exercise patterns. The different releases are designed to continually challenge your body, stop boredom and help maximize your results.

Attend a live class at your local club and you can sure that your instructor will keep you on your toes by regularly mixing up the releases to drive the best results. Find a class here.

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