Even if you’ve got no intention of ever entering the boxing ring, honing your hook is still a seriously smart move.

The hook is one simple strike that will chisel your arms, shoulders and back. What’s more, nail your technique and you’ll benefit from a remarkable core workout too.

Correctly perform a hook and you’ll automatically engage the muscles of your core. It’s a phenomenon called reactive core training, where you develop athletic core strength as a result of the challenge placed on the core muscles. Essentially, the core activation you get from this exercise produces the same effect as if you were performing multiple crunches.

Here’s how to master the perfect hook:

  • Start with one foot slightly forward and release your back heel
  • Raise your fists to chin height
  • Rotate your shoulder and shift your hip forward
  • Lift your elbow to shoulder height and punch to midline
  • The target zone should between the temple and jaw level.

Throwing endless hooks can be extremely empowering and great for stress relief. Add speed and power into the mix and you’ll raise your heart rate and accelerate calorie burn too.

The best thing about this simple boxing move is you don’t necessarily need a punching bag and gloves, you can effectively practice your hook using nothing but thin air. Alternatively, give BODYCOMBAT™ a go, a completely non-contact workout that will see you punch and kick your way to supreme fitness.

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