As a six-year-old Jackie Mills decided she wanted to become a gymnast. So she did. Since then she’s been on a mission to become the best she can be – while encouraging others to do the same.

Back in the 1970s, when for many women a career as a teacher, nurse or secretary was the typical way to go, Jackie had her eyes set on different sights. She studied physical education at university and represented New Zealand as a gymnast and aerobics champion. She then switched her focus to medicine, becoming a GP, obstetrician and specialist in nutrition.

There’s no doubt Jackie Mills has more than a few strings to her bow – but the most significant is simply being a mom. And it’s not just mom to her two grownup children (and grandmother to four grandchildren), because Jackie is considered by many as the mother of Les Mills.

Operating at the heart of the fitness empire, Jackie has shaped and nurtured the development of Les Mills programs from the beginning. Find out more about her role, what drives her, and the wisdom she brings to motivating others here …

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