Black Lives Matter: Seven actions we commit to

Black Lives Matter. We have been looking at ourselves, listening to others, and it is crystal clear that as a business we need to do more. It is not enough to simply acknowledge oppression, it is not enough to say that we condemn racism, it is not enough to say #blacklivesmatter. We need to think better, talk better, be better, but most importantly, ACT better. Here are seven steps we are taking to start this process:


There’s so much to learn.

We will continue to educate ourselves through conversations with black team members, research, and written work. What we know is that we don’t have all the answers yet.

We will make mistakes along the way, but we WILL show up to learn and change as required.

Starting today, we will not just educate our company but the wider community and the wider fitness industry.


It starts with increasing the diversity of people in our teams.

We will hire Black People, People of Color, and Women until they represent over 50 percent of our board and senior team.

We will increase racial diversity across our creative teams, TAP teams, and global instructor teams.

We will not stop until we get it right.


Center-stage representation matters.

All future masterclass filming from now forward will be diverse where over 50 percent of presenters will be represented by Black People and People of Color. We believe that diversity in the spotlight is essential to encourage those who don’t feel there is a place for them in this industry.


Whitewashing is rampant in the fitness industry.

Our campaigns moving forward will have Black People and People of Color representing a majority of the talent.


Everyone is accountable.

Within 30 days, we will have overhauled our company-wide behavioral code of conduct that will hold every employee accountable for racist or discriminatory action.


We commit to developing a deeper understanding of Māori culture and to respect the tikanga (correct protocol) when we engage with any aspects of Māori culture in the future.


Examining our core values.

We will immediately review our values of One Tribe, Be Brave, Change the World, with specific focus on the word Tribe, as we work through finding replacement options.

We know that, as a movement and a business, we must do so much more to be a driver of change. These are initial steps, which are by no means perfect, but they’re a start. We will continue to educate ourselves and learn from our Black team members, thought leaders, and experts in this area, to help guide us towards meaningful and sustainable change. We welcome all voices on this journey, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to share, please get in touch by emailing: