Fiona Fransisca heads to filming

Fiona headed to Amsterdam to film some upcoming Les Mills releases, so we asked her to share some behind the scenes action. We’re so excited to see the Middle East Tribe on upcoming releases!

What programme did you film for?
I presented in RPM78 and was a 'shadow' in Les Mills Tone 1 (currently BODYVIVE).

How did you find out you’d be going to filming?
I had a surprise call from my Head Trainer, Libby Benson-Day. She explained that she would like to put me forward to represent the Les Mills Middle East in the filming. I almost couldn’t believe it when she told me. This was beyond my expectations! Even today I still feel like it was a dream.

What did you have to do in the lead up to prepare?
I teach 2 RPM classes, 2 LES MILLS SPRINT classes, 1 LES MILLS TONE class and 1 TRIP class per week. On top of that I added some strength work on the lower body and some endurance as well. I was focusing more on the script because I wanted to keep it fresh for the Instructors. For Les Mills Tone, I did loads of mirror work to nail every execution.

Any changes to your usual fitness regime?
I was a little stricter with my diet. I made sure I had enough nutrition to feel physically ready to give an amazing workout.

What happened when you arrived in Amsterdam?
I always wanted to go to Amsterdam for holiday, but filming was even better. Me and a couple of friends arrived a day earlier before rehearsal days to go around the city.

RPM was on the first day of filming. I had to wake up at 6am to be ready for the make-up and sound check. I usually play drum and bass music just to get the adrenaline started and help me feel ready for action. Then, once we hit the stage it game on!

The whole RPM team had a meeting the night Glen Ostergaard arrived. During rehearsals, I felt grateful to be working so closely with the programme directors. I worked with Diana Mills for Les Mills Tone and I love her energy!

What’s your favourite thing about filming?
The experience is indescribable! The energy in the room was absolutely amazing. It’s great to see so many people from all around the world who share the same passion.

What’s the hardest thing about filming?
I want to do it all over again. It went too quick.

Thanks Fiona. If you want to hear more follow her on Instagram @fionaliciouz.