A new framework designed for more insight into strengths and development areas for the longevity of the instructor’s career and club’s business coupled with a 2-day training to advance the instructor’s learning

Les Mills Qualification has been around for some time, and several instructors have grabbed the opportunity and been brave to be reviewed under this new framework. But what is this new framework and how can it help Instructors and Clubs?

Les Mills Qualification (LMQ) is designed to provide insight to instructors on their strengths and development areas in each Key Element of becoming a Les Mills Instructor- Choreography, Technique, Coaching, Connection, and Performance. Our team of assessors will review the instructors and award a grade for each Key Element based on globally agreed criteria. Several members from each Les Mills agency put their heads together to create this criterion to ensure that when our instructors teach our programs, they reflect the best version of themselves.

Each Key Element is awarded a grade from 1 to 3 (except Choreography, which is either a grade 1 or a grade 2). All the grades combine to form a level.

With an increased focus on strengths within each Key Element and opportunities for development, this new framework changes the assessment model from a one-size-fits-all approach to personalised development plans for our instructors.

How does this help our Club Partners?

For Clubs, this is a chance to learn about their instructors- what are they good at? What can they be better at? How can they maximise the use of their instructors to ensure the members get the most value from their classes? With a clear understanding of their instructors’ strengths, they can strategise the use of their instructors based on their members’ goals and support the development of their instructors in the Key Elements they think will benefit these goals.

How can an Instructor be reviewed under LMQ?

Instructors who have attended Advanced Training, or the previously run AIM modules (AIM1 and AIM2) can be reviewed free of charge in one program of their choice. We have LMQ reviews available for BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, RPM, Les Mills CORE, BODYBALANCE, SPRINT and Les Mills TONE available. Instructors need only film themselves teaching specific tracks from the latest release, submit it to the Les Mills Instructor Experience team and our team of assessors will get to work. For more information, you can get in touch with us on

For Instructors who haven’t attended the Advanced modules, submissions for Grade Review are priced at AED 125.

Ongoing Development, Advanced Training and LMQ

At Les Mills, ongoing development is the key to ensure that Instructors continue to provide the best to their members. One way to enhance the longevity of your Instructor career is by engaging in the learnings from Advanced Training.

Advanced Training is a 2-day program where the focus is on self-development as you explore your fitness leadership, values, and beliefs. Through the two days you will learn how to blend the dimensions of Connection, Education and Motivation to enhance your own Connection and Performance when you teach. You will also learn how to teach in the essence of your chosen program and role model technique. The trainer will also take the instructors through advanced scripting and coaching objectives. By so doing, you will learn how to connect with your members through enhanced teaching and execution, thereby progressing on your LMQ level, whilst maintaining your natural, authentic self and showing enjoyment in your classes.

After this training, instructors have the opportunity to submit a Grade Review video and get a deeper insight into their strengths and development areas.

We offer Advanced Training every month online and face-to-face so you have several opportunities to attend this training and learn more about yourself as an instructor.

To find out more about Les Mills Qualification, how attending Advanced Training can help you progress through your fitness career or anything about on-going development as a Les Mills instructor, you can contact us on

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