As group fitness Instructors, we are used to exercising with others and creating connection with our members. So what to do when the gym is closed and we can’t see our regulars? Instructors from around the world share their secrets to staying active and connected.


Carie Steinkamp: I am sticking to my normal schedule. We are in mandatory work from home, but I start work at the same time, take lunch at the same time and stop at the same time. Tonight I jumped around my kitchen for an hour doing a BODYCOMBAT class at the normal time I would be teaching. I think no matter where you're at, if you keep your general routine the same it helps bring a sense of normalcy.

Nivea Quevedo Griffin: I’m keeping my normal schedule with BODYPUMP 2x a week and BODYCOMBAT 2x a week.

Meghan Patterson: I borrowed a weight plate set and bar from my gym right before they closed indefinitely. I have studio space in my house and some mirrors and I’ll be training during all my regular class times at home.

Michelle Reynolds: I did BODYPUMP at the park behind my house and then did my upper body workout with the plates I had and lots of body weight stuff. Tomorrow I might try BODYFLOW. I plan on continuing to do BODYPUMP 3x a week and alternate upper/lower body like I normally do.

Katy Carver Rees: Exercising every morning at home. Although my gym is still open, I’m trying to minimize possible exposure. Setting a daily schedule with my family. This way there is some routine in our lives.


Gigi Varela West: I’m getting to know my bed a bit better 😂 I haven’t seen that thing in a long time.👍

Susan Fisher: I am taking the time to do something that I haven’t done in 7.5 years: rest. I have been so burned out that I’ve been ready to quit the gym altogether. I’m hoping that when we come out of this I will be recharged and ready to get back to it.

Lisa Erhart: I’m taking time for myself. Rather than being go-go-go, I’m being forced to sit back and relax. I’m picking up some new hobbies like drawing and cooking while also spending more time outdoors, away from technology. This is a reality check for me. It’s a reset button. I’m giving myself time to find a balance between mind and body.

Michael Sandner: Self-care. Plain and simple. Relaxation for both the body and mind.

Hilary Davies Irons: Rest! I am enjoying this forced sabbath for a week; and then will probably just teach myself from my repertoire of Les Mills content.

Sheryl Dagostino: I am getting MORE SLEEP! I am spending more time with my husband and sons. I am doing a class a day on LES MILLS On Demand. I have online nutrition clients that I check in with a couple of times a day. … and did I mention SLEEP?! I am catching up on lots of it!

Sara Snoek Postalwait: It’s nice to let my body rest and recover after almost two straight years of teaching 9+ classes a week.


Andrea Eid: I always wanted to try different programs from those I teach (BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP) so today I did LES MILLS BARRE and LES MILLS GRIT Cardio.

Monica Martini: Using LES MILLS On Demand and my releases to focus on my form since I rarely get to see how I am doing.

Mandy Ferguson: Decided to try On Demand! Cleared a space in my basement which I desperately needed to do, and tried a class I don’t often do.

Lissa Doyle Bing: LMOD is a true sanity saver! Also, nature walks with the kids.

Tisma Bradford: I’ve given my members the awesome information that Les Mills is offering On Demand for FREE for 60 days.

Shelly Stone: Using LES MILLS On Demand for LES MILLS GRIT, still doing BODYPUMP and BODYSTEP at home and weight lifting with what I have. Realized how creative I can be.

Peggy Maguire Kluge: All gyms closed here in San Diego. Just signed up for LES MILLS On Demand!

Liron Goldfried: Gyms are closed here in Israel from March 15... I am using the free home workout from LES MILLS On Demand... ( we don’t have LES MILLS On Demand here so I am really thankful for those workouts).

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Hannah Caplinger: I have a lot of my regular members on social media so reaching out to them through that.

Deidre Douglas: Spending quality time with close relatives or friends. Now is a good time to engage in meaningful conversations with others via phone calls, email and love notes, as applicable.

Janice Years: I text and call my loved ones more often now.

Tina Stults Launey: I have a few Instructor friends who I communicate with daily - we keep each other motivated and working through the highs and lows of life, whether they’re fitness-related or not.

Pauli Young Latham: I’m going to use this time to be with my family and get us to disconnect from electronics, go outside, and make memories.

Melody Marshall: Staying connected by texting those members whose phone number I have.

Foster Rockwell: Zoom video sessions with other Instructors to practice BODYPUMP 113.

Cambria Camillo Smith: Putting offers out there for others ... reaching out via stories and posts with whatever I can contribute. Some ways I’m doing this:

  • Recipes
  • Book recommendations
  • Workout plans
  • Offering FaceTime or text chats
  • Literally whenever I think of someone, just sending them a message
  • Going through my phone contacts and messaging them.


Chris Maddox: I always trail run outside of class.

Jen Phillips: Walks outside, the fresh air is my savior right now.

Lori Torigian Rogers: Running outside, gardening.

Kate Ames Schartel Novak: Running outside. I hate it but the breath work and endurance required for BODYFLOW gets me through.

Michelle Melton Ross: I've done a bootcamp style workout with my kids in the driveway.

Dez Stover: I walk/run and ride my bike on the trail.

Daniel Cruz: Been hitting the trails on the mountain bike and group rides on the road bike. It is nice to be able catch up with the old crowd.

Danielle Frisco: Going to take up running again!

Jessica Lusk: I went for a long bike ride with my husband today.

Owen Vegas Villavicencio: I’m going hiking and away from big cities.


Lisa Arrington: We're staying connected by playing games in the BODYJAM Instructor group. It's been hilarious and the connection is awesome.

Kristin Hart: I’ve joined a couple of FB groups that are doing challenges every day. An example: 300 reps per day (pick your poison: squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, mix it up, high and low impact).

Ione Yamamoto: A friend created a Facebook group for us Instructors to stay active during this self-isolation time. As a member of this group, my original goal was to work on BODYFLOW and CXWORX, however, things changed once I saw Erin Maw and Corey’s Sanity Sets on Instagram. I love Erin and her hardcore workouts! I am now doing the Sanity Sets, CXWORX and BODYFLOW!

Leslie Young: Staying connected through social media has been a great way to find support during these challenging times.

Merrie D. Ruleman: Knowing that many people do not have gym equipment at home I decided to create a body weight only workout and post it on FB. I posted the exercises, what the work/rest timings were and a short video demonstrating each exercise.

Amy VanDer Kamp: I started a group on FB “workout support group” to stay accountable for exercise! Do we can stay SANE! Keep our spirits up. Keep our health up!

Brenna Comee: A few years back we created separate FB groups for each format offered at our gym as a place for our Instructors to provide information specific to the format. We’ve been posting live videos to help members stay motivated, give them creative ideas on how to move their bodies and get sweaty, and technique and form information.

Karen Blaisdell Faiman: Started a FB page with loads of people from my gym to inspire and help motivate to keep moving.


Kathi Hazelrigs Martin: Learning new releases!

Jj Alley: Practiced BODYFLOW 88 today and am working on getting more flexible.

Kristine Newman: I plan to take the time to learn BODYPUMP 113 so I am ready for whenever we launch.

Myra Gemini Drayton: I am using my new releases as my walking music. This always me to clear my mind mentally because cabin fever is real. I can’t stand being on lockdown. I also plan on doing the new releases at home and pray we open so we can have our launch.

Wendy Lee: Our gym is closed so I'm taking the opportunity to learn the new releases we haven't launched yet.

Susan Harbin: I have been practising my releases for when we open and launch and practising for my BODYATTACK filming.

Rebecca Melnick Benrubi: I’m using this time at home to keep doing 112 and practice mastering 113 for when my gym releases it.

Mariane Guillemette-Wagner: Learning new releases and LES MILLS On Demand.

Irene Haimovich: Learning choreography and I have bought LES MILLS SMART TECH.

Robin Portman: I’m doing BODYPUMP 113 so I’ll be ready to launch when the time comes! I’m also going to work on new choreography for my freestyle classes and I’m going to check out LES MILLS On Demand.

Asmaa Bint Abdallah: I’m rehearsing BODYPUMP 113 in preparation for when my gyms do open back up and we launch.